Friday, August 27, 2004

Dotcom news 1

Dear Family and Friends,

This may be news to some and some of you have asked how my pregnancy is going.I have been waiting for some key doctor’s appointments to occur, before I let everyone know.

I had an amniocentesis and a level 2 ultrasound this week. Last week I had a 16-week visit.

Now for the tough part

But first…the baby is fine!

There is some not so good news. My ultrasound has indicated that I have an“incompetent cervix.” What this means is that the cervix is not as strong as itshould be for now —I am on bed rest for an indeterminate amount of time, so my Mom is typing and sending this out.

If you want more details, please call…but the good news is that the baby and I are going in for surgery on 6/29 to have a “cerclage.” This means that they will tie my cervix shut to help keep “dotcom” where it is supposed to be.

Now, you may ask what “dotcom” is. Well, it is a pet name. When Cristoph and I saw the ultrasosund at 8 weeks, Chris said it looked like a dot. So, we started calling the baby “dot.” Now, one day I was talking to my brother about all my appointments when my 4-year-old nephew, Sam, who must have heard me refer to the baby as dot, asked me, “B, why do you call the baby dotcom?” I guess it is a sign of the times. Anyway, Dot is now “Dotcom.”

So, now for the better news. My amniocentesis was uneventful although that is mainly due to three women, two of whom I have never met, that took time to help me get some questions I had answered and who made the experience much more bearable (thank Annie, Monica, and Jen). I should get the results in a few weeks. All other tests have been normal, so far, although we are still waiting on some results. This morning, Chris and I went for our ultrasound. The baby is beautiful. Everything is fine as far as the ultrasound goes. I have a great video—where Dotcom seems to be waving. I also have one printout that I will have scanned and sent out as soon as I get off of bed rest. It is a cute one of Dotcom waving its foot (must take after my side). I will make sure to update you after the surgery and in regard to the follow up visit. I will have a doctor visit every week after this, so I’ll send updates when there is news.

Prayers welcome,