Sunday, February 26, 2006


I just got another picture of my dear little Malcom and I just have to share how much he has grown from his days when I first met him as Squinks roomate in NICU.

Malcom, I sure do love you!

My wish for today

May all beings be filled with joy and peace. May all beings everywhere, The strong and the weak, The great and the small, The mean and the powerful, The short and the long, the subtle and the gross: May all beings everywhere, Seen and unseen, Dwelling far off or nearby, Being or waiting to become: May all be filled with lasting joy. Let no one deceive another,

Let no one anywhere despise another, Let no one out of anger or resentment wish suffering on anyone at all. Just as a mother with her own life protects her child, her only child, from harm, So within yourself let grow a boundless love for all creatures.


Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Procrastination TTOAST

I am the master...

So much so that because I don't like the yucky situation I am in right now where people women persons humans are behaving stupidly... that I have been completely unable to notice any kind gestures around me. I have been thinking all day of what I have noticed and until just now as I opened this up to say I found nothing and say what a shame... well, I did remember one thing, a small one. But one that warmed my heart just a little, enough to turn my silly ol' frown upside down.

What a freaking shame though. Why have I given them so much power?


I have allowed this situation to consume me so much that I can't notice those small things I have vowed to try to notice so that in situations like these I do not lose faith in humanity.? what a twisted thing.

I said enough. (Is it bad that I am typing to myself?)

So, I put off my TTOAST for two days. I know it is still Wednesday, but I try to get my TTOAST up ASAP on the Tuesday and well it is Wednesday night, so I am counting today as a whole day too... after all, it is midnight somewhere.


The lady that takes care of Squink let her neighbors daughter (which is actually still her neighbor but younger and we don't have a word for that in English, do we?) park a wagon (think radio flyerwith wood sides) full of girl scout cookies so that the parents that are picking up their kids can buy them. So, what is the value? They are fattening and people eat too many things that are bad for them....? Wait... Aren't the scouts known for training women to be positive members of society? I don't know, I was only a boy scout (really, for one day).

Well, I thought it was sweet, and it gave me a chance to splurge on some chocolate mint goodness. The lady that takes care of Squink certainly did not have to let her do that, but she did. I think it was nice.

The little girl, must be her first year, drew up a nice sign... so, according to that sign, I am now the proud owner of some "Girl Scoot" cookies... bless that child. It has made me smile all week. I am sure that if she realizes it, she would be mortified, but I think it is so sweet that she went through all that work, that from now on, in honor of her (whose name I do not know) I will officially refer to them as girl scoot cookies! ( If she had written "Girl Scot", would it have only been applicable to the shortbread?)

So, I apologize if this seems incoherent... I am far from my best right now.

But I ask, what kindness have you noticed recently? I hope it is not as hard for you as it has been for me.


Monday, February 20, 2006

Not so deep thoughts

I am in a moment of self reflection and as such, when I saw this on another site I felt compelled... that, plus it is interesting what others, many who have never met you (face to face) think of you. So, if you feel so inclined why don't you wander over to my Johari window.
What can I learn about myself?

That life is not full of haters.
Uh, that is not about myself unless I say...
I think wish hope that life is not full of haters


Sunday, February 19, 2006

Life lesson

P.S. I just noticed that Squink has an extra tooth, a molar and I first noticed it by looking at the silly smile picture.

Saturday, February 18, 2006

silly smile

silly smile
Originally uploaded by Blair Necessities.

OK, I regret not including his whole head in the shot, but that smile makes my day.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006


A tribute to love.

When I was younger I attended a church that was going to have a special sleep over event for the teen youth group and we were going to talk about love and SEX... much to their chagrin... we called it the "sex overnight at the church"... I am sure they were very unhappy, I know it even... as they called us all in and asked us to stop calling it that.

Much about what was discussed that weekend was stupid and the opinions of the youth leaders and such... (after all I may be the only person I know whose mother read the "sex education" book they had provided their child and corrected it. I still have it!
update to add: My mother edited the book for scientific, not sexual content.

But I digress - one thing struck me during our discussion and that was our examination about the different types of love... love for God, family, friend, spouse and child among some others... I, in my very callow youth, had never thought that love could even BE the subject of philosophical thought... so, here is A TTOAST to love and all its glory, and may we get over how the lust part is over-rated and how precious the others are to our existence.

So here is my TTOAST to love...

The love a grandparent can have for their grandchild...

A friend recently lost her grandmother, and in the midst of this time where my friends grandmother lay dying, my friend was embroiled in a very difficult situation based on a choice made by a group... not her, she was the principal recipient of some difficult things... my friend would visit her grandmother and talk about what was happening and her grandmother told her that the only thing that was important was that the choices made that were causing the conflict were good ones and that her granddaughter could sleep at night knowing that they were good. She could, she can.

The choices were, I know this because I was a part of teh group that made those choices... but how absolutely marvelous that a dying grandmother can offer comfort, to her granddaughter, in her final days.

Susie, thank you for being such a fabulous grandmother, may you rest in peace.
Thank you for being so wonderful and bringing me memories of my Zun.

What act of kindness or love have you witnessed recently?

Happy Valentines Day!

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Monday, February 13, 2006

A lesson

Originally uploaded by
Blair Necessities.

So, My dad came to visit (in December January) and there is a retired bullfighter that lives nearby so we all met at a park to practice. Josef took to eating the sword very well... and he did not have a concern in the world that his shoes would fall off... partly becasue there was no wild beast there threatening to eat them and because he had pulled them off earlier that morning!

Sunday, February 12, 2006

El toro va a comer mi sueco

My dad just emailed me this picture. I must be around three or four, when we lived in Spain, and I cry not because of fear of that itty bitty calf but because I was convinced the "bull" was going to eat my shoes (clogs actually). I think this is one of his favorite stories to tell about me, that and how the Montessori school I went to around the same time as this picture taught me to put on my coat (laying it on the floor and doing a somersault in to it).

On a side note... I think I see a bit of a resemblance between the Squink and I in this photo.


Tuesday, February 07, 2006


Because I am in the midst of the TTOAST I am going to remove the TTOAST until the situation has resolved itself or at least until it is more appropriate to put on the interweb publicly.
However... I forgot to ask one thing...
What acts of kindness have you observed recently?

Monday, February 06, 2006

blobbing with blogger

somewhere out there are two posts with "foreign" languages... German and Farsi
I can find them but blogger can't...

BTW - Mrs. Ootfp has little less than one week til the chili-bingo and I am trying to help her count down people blogger.

Wednesday, February 01, 2006





A day late, sorry. My life has been hectic a bit and I want to give the TTOAST the attention it deserves.

I blogger I read has been exceptionaly kind to a blogger they read who is feeling very low and blue. I find it touching and hopeful (about the state of humanity).
I believe they know each other and I find it a kind gesture to worry about someone you see to even go to that place where you can't be seen (the interweb) to put kind thoughts and encouraging words.

What kind acts have you noticed recently?