Tuesday, February 14, 2006


A tribute to love.

When I was younger I attended a church that was going to have a special sleep over event for the teen youth group and we were going to talk about love and SEX... much to their chagrin... we called it the "sex overnight at the church"... I am sure they were very unhappy, I know it even... as they called us all in and asked us to stop calling it that.

Much about what was discussed that weekend was stupid and the opinions of the youth leaders and such... (after all I may be the only person I know whose mother read the "sex education" book they had provided their child and corrected it. I still have it!
update to add: My mother edited the book for scientific, not sexual content.

But I digress - one thing struck me during our discussion and that was our examination about the different types of love... love for God, family, friend, spouse and child among some others... I, in my very callow youth, had never thought that love could even BE the subject of philosophical thought... so, here is A TTOAST to love and all its glory, and may we get over how the lust part is over-rated and how precious the others are to our existence.

So here is my TTOAST to love...

The love a grandparent can have for their grandchild...

A friend recently lost her grandmother, and in the midst of this time where my friends grandmother lay dying, my friend was embroiled in a very difficult situation based on a choice made by a group... not her, she was the principal recipient of some difficult things... my friend would visit her grandmother and talk about what was happening and her grandmother told her that the only thing that was important was that the choices made that were causing the conflict were good ones and that her granddaughter could sleep at night knowing that they were good. She could, she can.

The choices were, I know this because I was a part of teh group that made those choices... but how absolutely marvelous that a dying grandmother can offer comfort, to her granddaughter, in her final days.

Susie, thank you for being such a fabulous grandmother, may you rest in peace.
Thank you for being so wonderful and bringing me memories of my Zun.

What act of kindness or love have you witnessed recently?

Happy Valentines Day!

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Patricia Tryon said...

What a fabulous Valentine's Day post :-)

Monday for lunch I met a woman I like a lot. My appetite was absolutely killed when I found a hair in my food (eeeeuw!) and the restaurant comp'd my lunch. My friend went to pay for lunch and returned bearing a darling "heart" cookie for me: a commiseration, as well as a Valentine's greeting. Wasn't that sweet?

Tuesday I received a piece of paper on which some people I like very much had written some very kind things about me. It meant a lot and, oddly for me, I am actually keeping this piece of paper around.

Anonymous said...

You mother edited the book for scientific, not sexual content.