Friday, December 29, 2006

Christmas '06

We had a total of 17 over for an Austrian Christmas dinner.

Which was lovingly made by Oma und Opa.

Squink developed an unhealthy obsession with trains (one in photo is not his, be he would not give it up very easily)...

... but Squink was receptive to "teaching" moments.

And the house looked lovely up in lights...


Thursday, December 21, 2006

L is for Leo, so that is why I married one.. and

Via Jodiferous.

What horrible Edward Gorey Death will you die?

You will swallow some tacks. You are a little weird, maybe not so much in a good way. Buy a yellow tie and wear it on your head.
Take this quiz!

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Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Pack it up small (Sweet!)

I received this lovely package in a special little swap I love!
Thanks go to blackbiscuits for sending such a sweet package...
I love this swap thing!

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Santa plays tag and I am "it"...

Dear Santa,

When I was really little I used to write you letters that we sent to my grandmother and who, in turn, promised to send them on to you, or if I happened to be in the USA I was able to call you and tell you what I wanted... usually after pouring over the Sears catalog. Then when I was a bit older I suddenly had to deal with Ms. Santa, which made me think that you had left your wife and made her take over the business... finally, I ended up thinking that Santa was a sexless being... which is where you have managed to remain... which is not a bad thing, really!

So, since I am a gullible sort, I managed to read this over at the whaling season... and as such I am tasked with writing you again, after a multi year lapse.
Since I, like Northern_Girl, and as directed by Rootietoot, am forbidden from asking for whirled peas or anything that even remotely sounds like that... I will go on to those things I would love to have, or really want...

Santa, I really want you to renovate my house while I am asleep. I am sure you can get your multitude of angels or is it elves and get to work on that right away.
I do love my house, but I must say that I am completely inappropriate as an owner of an older home.. I know nothing, and it shows...

I would love to get that housecleaning gene I hear some women talking about too... so, if there is one lady out there that wants to trade for my Uber lazy one... I am all game. Only if I can get mine back every once in a while of course. Know loads of folks think I am kidding when I express this desire, but Santa, I am not kidding, not at all.

I want a camera like this one, it can be anything that I can add all sorts of gadgets to, and by gadgets I means different lenses and stuff... and I want a license for creative Suite premium to go with it... on my own computer that is just used by me, with a huge hard drive and all sorts of fancy gadgets to go with it. If you made it an Apple, I would be mightily appreciative too.

Since I have asked you to renovate the house, I guess I wont need a subscription to all those magazines in my kaboodle list... but they might be nice for decorating ideas... and if you want to add one of those magazine I like Conde Nast Traveler as well as some food ones and maybe to indulge that female in me, one extra girly magazine like Vogue or Cosmo... even if I usually grumble about them for being slightly vapid... I am feeling pretty beautiful in my new slimmer body and it, in turn, is making me want to peruse these sorts of magazines... Does this require a confession Santa? I always imagined you to have immediate access to the big man, or at least the pope...

Anyway, one thing that makes my heart heavy today is the passing away of that daddy over in the NW coast area. He was my brothers age, and it just makes my chest hurt and my eyes water and a big lump of something form when I think of this and all the other children who have lost family... I am not sure what you can do here, but if you could, I think it would be great.

So Santa, in the more mundane aspects of life... I would love a toaster oven, a new sewing machine and a serger would be really cool. Ooops, I almost forgot... I really want a bicycle too! But I don't really need any of these things, other than that thing with lost, missing or deceased parents/family members...

And if there are any pseudo Santa's (aka people who are reading your mail aka this entry), please allow themselves to consider themselves tagged.

Most sincerely,



Friday, December 01, 2006

This is just wrong!

In part because this is a desert and it is just too cold. In part because I forgot to cover my more delicate outside plants (at least we mostly have desert landscaping)... and in part because there is no light sprinkling of snow which, while annoying after a while, might make it seem at least somewhat understandable!


Tuesday, November 28, 2006

I am seriously thinking about this


No, really, I am OK with it...

Yeah, nothing pleasant worth sharing from my first trip into NaNoWriMo hell... I want to know how those full time working single mothers have managed to do it?
However, I have no regrets, as I have two story lines I am happy with and one that I am hoping will work itself out in the next few years.

I fear that I may not be the story teller (at least in written form) that I imagined myself to be... I do far better on spur of the moment fanciful tales like why sometimes raindrops have bubbles when they land...

All was not lost for me in November though... I had a few great milestones...
the main one being that I, after almost two years, managed to get to my pre-pregnancy weight... and even one upped it by really getting to within a few pounds shy of my pre-marital weight.

The other thing is completely related to this.. you know that heinous periformis thing I had when I was pregnant... the one where I could not sit down or stand up without help and some major pain and tears (and trust me pregnant women have a real need to do this sitting and standing thing, even if they are on bed rest... for those who may be a bit slower to get what I am saying here... I am referring to potty breaks)... well, it is so much better! it is still a bit achy... but the Schatz, Squink and I actually walk five miles once a week... something I never thought I would be able to do again. And no, Squink doesn't walk it, he rolls in his stroller for most of the trip..

I missed you all, I am probably going to still be pretty absent, the Oma und Opa are coming for a few months and I must get the house in order!


Tuesday, October 31, 2006


Nine hours until I have to start something I am not sure was a good thing to join in to, but my competitive streak will not let me back out of.

Official NaNoWriMo 2006 Participant


Saturday, September 23, 2006

Some things are hard in life...

One being that you finally have to admit that you have weird taste in music...
OK, you, the reader, may not... but I sure do.

I updated my iTunes today and as with every time I do this, I am just embarrassed by the music on it. The music that is mine, that is. If there is anything good (in terms of contemporary music) it came from my brother (cool contemporary things like Sigur Ros andThe Killers) or my Schatz (Techno and metal [which is a bit dubious but some of the kids I work with thought I was cool when they saw I had it], or it is on there for Squink (children's music, mostly auf Deutsch).

Just about everything on my playlist that I put there is part of my weird collection of music... the cowboy songs, andean music, the blow back to the 70's and 80's, the opera and bagpipes. And I love them all, there is some fabulous music in there... Bonnie Jo Hunts' music for example... If you have never heard Amazing Grace sung in Lakota then you have missed something amazingly beautiful, that kind of beautiful that brings tears to your eyes because you can feel the emotion of the song and the words that you can't understand but that sound so powerful, even though you might know the lyrics in English...

I read other blogs that tell about their music collection and I cringe... with envy. Granted my cringes are a bit odd too... I cringe at everything from old school punk through the Kingston Trio to gospel music... and I think to myself... how many of these folks actually collect bagpipe music?

My guess is that not one of you do.

So, in an effort to lay myself wide open to laughter and sighs of pity, for your viewing pleasure I present: 1) here is a link to my list of artists on the iTunes and 2) here is a link to the song titles on my iTunes.

Did you see them, the short list of interesting things mixed with the long list of things like my love for opera and bagpipe music?

The thing is that I love music, I just hate buying it.

If you feel really sorry for me, send me a CD with what you consider to be "real music" so I can feel a part of the human race again.


Thursday, September 21, 2006

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

A bunch of questions.... answered

My dear friend Mrs. Ootfp, tagged me for this...

Were you born before the end of the first Gulf war?

Why yes, unless of course this is referring to the Ath Thawra al Iraqiyya al Kubra in which case I must answer no, not at all, wasn't even a gleam in my father eye...

Childhood nickname?
Liverwurst cheese sams (as in sandwich)... with the lovely diminutives of it... which include: liveren and sams... I have NO IDEA how that happened... I might add that the person that chose that nickname for me is starting to call the Squink "pea pot dome crisis" or something rather similar that escapes me now...

9/23/06 UPDATE: the nickname for Squink is "Stink Pot Dome Crisis"

Historical person you have the biggest crush on?
Thomas Jefferson.

How about admire?
Same, though I might include Chuck, Cassatt, Eliot, Somerville, du Chatelet and quite a few more but these are the ones that have grabbed my attention recently.

Favorite type of candy?
I like black licorice. I like dark chocolate. I was most excited about the candy when I moved to the US, but have not really craved any sweets of late.

Favorite foreign country(ies)?
Ecuador, the USA and Hungary.

Fish or chicken?
Fish - though I like hormone free chicken as well (this might be an interesting thing to post on (yes, I mean there is a story behind this answer).

Do you have your own perfume line?
Yes, it was made about 20 years ago and is called Blaize and was produced by Erne.

Have you ever written a children's book?
Yes, in my head.. my plan is that this will be my NaNoWriMo project for this year.

Have you been in a movie based on a book?
UH, don't think so.. I don't think that Clint and an Orangutan were featured on a paper page before the silver screen.

Ever posed nude for a photo?
yes, I was 4 and I think I was imitating the maja or some other lovely painting well beyond my years.

Guiltiest pleasure?
sleeping and reading.

Your best nonguilty pleasure, then?
Reading ;-D

What are you allergic to?
a certain class of medicine, and pineapple and carrots, but only if I eat too much of them (and that's separately BTW).

Worst pickup line you've heard?

This is it- read at your own risk...

XY: Whats Your name?
Me: Blair
XY: Nope, it is not!
Me: Oh really?
XY, No, but I do know your name.
Me: Oh really? (becoming increasingly bored by drunken idiots)
XY: Your name is Milk!
Me: Oh really? (sigh, heavy sigh)
XY: You do my body good
Me: This is good? (where I proceed to push him off his chair before I walk away).

Were you bar mitzvahed?
No, unless of course one counts any religious induction into adulthood and then my answer is yes, several.

Have you ever cried during a TV interview?
No, though there is a coffee commercial that is a whole different story...

If they made a movie of your life, who would play you?
There is some German actress that apparently resembles me.

Pet peeve?
When I think people are being stupid - I get really annoyed with myself when I judge people like that (unless of course they are).

If you weren't doing what you do, what job would you like to have?
I would love to be a physician, but apparently that is beneath me (per a professor I had).

Place you will never be found?
I would most likely never be found in a crack house, though to be honest one never knows... I might get curious to see what they look like inside... I am sure, however, that I would never be found in a compromising position with a gigolo.

Why did you participate in this tagging?
Fondness for my tagger and a love of memes.

I tag Jordana, Catherine and Jodi as well as any of my lurkers... like Kelley who can answer in my comments if she wants!

and here is some See Food for the Omas...

Sunday, September 10, 2006

that face...

IMG_0593, originally uploaded by Blair Necessities.

As you may notice by his snotty nose, he is not feeling 100%, and neither am I.

Saturday, September 02, 2006

Mom's hat

Mom's hat, originally uploaded by Blair Necessities.

Friday, September 01, 2006


About 11 or so years ago, I helped my crazy cat give birth. It was quite an ordeal as she was not quite 6 months old and knocked up... but she was a Hemingway cat and I loved her. It should not have been a surprise that each one of her babies would have the same status of being able to be called a polydactyl. She had five babies... Henry, Moo-Moo, Hannibal, Boadicea and Sir Albert Whitehead. Hannibal was the last cat I had to assist her with in the delivery... she was so little and he was such a big baby kitten that I almost had to do an episiotomy, but we managed to get him out without a tear and any other trauma. He was a shy and quiet little kitty, and was terrorized by his brothers and sister... so that is why I named him Hannibal. He needed a strong name, a fighting name... and I picked Hannibal. Though we always called him Ibbles or Ibbies.

Most of the time, while I was on bed rest, Hannibal was as you see him in the picture. He sat curled up at the foot of my couch (I did couch rest) and just hung out with me the whole 17+ weeks of it... bless him for that!

A month or so ago, he was diagnosed with lung cancer.

Today at 5 pm, we put him to sleep.

I was a smoker for the early part of his life and I feel so incredibly guilty for the part that played towards his demise.


Tuesday, August 29, 2006

"My name is Modesty"

MB movie

The movie that saved the rights for Miramax (so they say out there in the Modesty Blaise cyber gossip world), and thankfully, it was not too shabby for what it was and what I paid to get it.


Sunday, August 27, 2006

a picture and why I am grateful for the Numa-Numa guy

I lost my post after the first save, so this is what you get, yes, this is what was here when I made a save to go out to dinner at the restaurant I met my husband at and proceed to drink one or two or possibly three and a half too many margaritas and when upon my return home I meant to put further meaningless drivel but with cool links and all on the blog and was feeling all "inspired" aka drunk tipsy and managed to write a whole post of wonderfulness and deep thoughts only to have it ruined by a Squink wondering what the snake-like-thingy was doing being all hooked onto some other weird thingy but was really the power cord attached to a power outlet so I not only lost all I wrote but had to freak out at his being able to reach and pull out a power cord- I am way to freaking busy to make it all again, even though it was good and I was proud of all my linkys and all and I wish I had a mac but instead have spent way too much money on non macs but I am still alive so it can't be all that bad and

(breathe blair)

I am blog-speaking to myself... but Hi everyone!

here is the numa-numa link - he rocks, I now sing all the time because he can do it around the world and be parodied and such and so I can let myself be free of the sillier inhibitions... but the real post was much more thoughtful and rather poetic so you all close you eyes and imagine you just read some rather profound post for once here and think wow, Blair really has deep, profound and good thoughts...
now open your eyes and see the real world but you have forgotten about this silly post and I love you all for it!



Saturday, August 19, 2006

Snow in August

Not really, I suppose one should call it man made ice...

But Squink went with the cousins and while he liked the ice, he loved... no wait, let me rephrase that ... he LOVED the water.

I taught him how to splash in puddles and while he could not exactly jump into them, he could make some awesome splashes!

That L on my forehead is for "learnin"

So, I suppose I should be somewhat thankful that I may be called a "geek" or a "nerd" but never a "dork"...


I know I am more like Modesty Blaise deep down and she is frankly too cool for any of those names! I mean she has such superior control over her muscles that she can forcfully remove an injected poison...


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Tuesday, August 15, 2006

At last

my love has come along
My lonely days are over
And life is like a song
At last the skies above are blue
And my heart was wrapped up in clover
The night I looked at you
I found a dream that I can speak to
A dream that I could call my own
I found a thrill to press my cheek to
A thrill that I have never known
You smiled, and then the spell was cast
And here we are in heaven
And you are mine at last

(I have that song in my head)

I am fine!!! I am not sick, or coughing or taking horrible medications that cause me to feel like kokopelli [the hunchback part not the fertility god(dess) part].

However, I am also playing catch up with the lost two or three weeks of my life. If I owe you a thank you letter, a phone call, anything. I hope I get around to it.

So, in the events of the last week we find that my Schatzy turned 33, so young, so handsome, so good!


(drum roll please)

I feel like I have finally received an "official" initiation into motherhood!!!

You may recall, or you may not be so interested in knowing that I had THE EASIEST LABOR AND DELIVERY EVER...

I had hell to get there, but a morning of contractions that didn't ever make me want to push, but were a bit uncomfortable...

and what I remember as a 3 minute delivery... assuming one push every minute.
Yeah, it was way too easy, and after the horror stories, not so sure I would want to trade the bed rest for it, but that is also entirely debatable.

So what is it, you may be asking yourselves, that caused me to rejoice and dance and sing about my entree to official motherdom...

Well, I was puked on... yep, you read that right!

PUKED ON, not a little, but that projectile vomit while they are standing in front of you kind and it is all over your clothes and your shoes and you don't actually notice because their eyes speak of sorrows that seem so deep and painful, not to mention their heated brow, so warm in fact that they practically throw off steam from the puke that managed to get on them.

I also happen to be thankful that it was mainly juice... yeah none of that which makes it smell like milk gone bad, and thankfully absent of the curdles...

but I was puked on, and I held my baby boy as I cleaned him off, after I stripped my clothes off so that he would not have to rest against it as I held him close in all that I could really do to "make it all feel better".

PS I still can't figure out who the heavy metal band might be that wants to take a picture on our front porch... but I have my students working on trying to figure it out. I guess Schatz turning 33 was the final cross-over to complete forgetfulness... because every time I ask him what they are called he says'..."alluded, eluded, deluded... I dunno something ______ded". Yeah, a quick glance in our local "hip rag" reveals NOTHING!


Stop the Insanity

What mess have I inadvertently created when I "accidentaly" lost half the code and pasted it back in? only to find part of that half is not showing up anyway...

[insert expletive of your choice here]... because I am sure I have said that very one one you picked at least a half dozen times~

Plus the use of expletives is relatively new to me... ;-b
So, whatever happend to Susan Powter?


Sunday, August 13, 2006


Squidfingers has gorgeous and free patterns for your website, just playing with some (as you can see now) and seeing if I can live with ones that don't immediately appeal to me but that I think are pretty.


mommy love

mommy love mommy love Originally uploaded by Blair Necessities.

he is sick and angry, and I still love him!

Saturday, August 12, 2006


I am not surprised by this.

I will never forget the day my cousin told me that the dinosaur fossils were put there to trick us thus making 99.9% of paleontologists satan's spawn.


Thursday, August 10, 2006

Who knew

that eating spaghetti could be this much fun - in three and a half minutes!
Squink demonstrates asking to be left alone, saying ciao, food as hair products... and so much more... really, I am sure it is unbelievably long for any one other than a blood relation.

Unfortunately, you can't hear anything.

For the Oma's!


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Wednesday, August 09, 2006

almost 100%

Today is the first day I have come to feeling better... which is a very good thing because it involved a crazy day at work (the good kind). My doctor called to check up on me, which makes him about as awesome as this doctor. I told him that the super duper antibiotic he put me on was awful and made my joints feel as if I was an 98 year old arthritic but that my "evil" cough was gone and that was good, also that I did take the prednisone (which I hate hate hate) and only had to use the albuterol twice (though I didnt say that I felt like I had to use since I had paid for it and all and it was not necessarily the case that I actually needed the meds). My joints still hurts 24 hours post medication, I feel like my 98 arthritic alter ego has taken over my body but I am 98.2% cough free (I mean who would want to cough when they can feel as if they were falling apart at the seam - literally).

However, my point is that I almost have my sense of humor back, I am almost back at my usual strangely lovable self that will break into song at a moments notice... it is close, I have had the urge to sing randomly and while I am sure I am completely tone deaf, the happiness I feel and the laughs it brings are worth something as an indicator of recovery.

We finally got the overturned trees cleaned up and by we I mean the wonderful man that comes to our home every other week. I think he is going to be able to save two of them. If you are so inclined, pray for my trees, they are a special thing and I love them. While you are at it, you may want to pray that all of the pigeons that live around here are struck with supreme idiocy and don't figure out that I still have not replaced the attic window. IT IS TOO HOT!

In other news, a heavy metal rock band wants to use our house on their next album... they spoke to the Schatz so all details are rather vague, but I will post more when I get the chance... on the house blog, the one I have not written anything on because I did not have any nice things to say and thought it was better not to say them at all... so I let the place rest and therefore not be subject to my ranting about how I hate the new steps that lead to the pool area, that the storm was hell and I was terrified about the pool nature thought we wanted in our basement (I am not sure who gave nature that idea).

So, for what it is worth, today (at least) I am back!

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Tuesday, August 08, 2006

August Coloriffic Swaporama!

August Coloriffic Swaporama! Originally uploaded by odrabydnam.

This is a much better picture taken by my swap recipient.
For Agnes - a swap is a group of people that get together and make presents for someone else int he group along a theme.
For August, the theme was rainbow and I had to include things that I thought my partner would like (she does not know who has her name)... one thing has to be handmade. I looked her up in the pool of women and found out more about her and bought things that I thought she would like. As I am doing this, someone completely different has my name and has to do the same for me (I got the apron in a post below). We have to have everything ready and mailed out by a certain date, and people from all over the world participate. you can click on this link for more information about the swap I sent this item for. But there are many more swaps than this one... you can do a candy swap or a CD swap or a bookmark swap or any kind of swap!


The golden opportunity you are seeking is in yourself. It is not in your environment, it is not in luck or chance, or the help of others; it is in yourself alone.

Sunday, August 06, 2006

Where I think about...

...where I come from.

I was born in Colombia (as in South America) to parents who were American citizens. This is not all that unusual I suppose, though I meet very few people in the USA that fall into this particular category. I call it expat-by-birth, because by the very nature of my birth, I would be an expat where ever I live. For example - if I am in the USA I am an American sure, but there exists a sense of "well, she wasn't born here" when that sort of situation arises... which when outside the norm, seems to come up a lot in my life... (think the ubiquitous question of "where are you from?" I am never sure how to answer this)... When I am in South America it is a strange middle ground... .I guess I am trying to say that blond hair and blue eyes are really not all that strange and people with them can be and are accepted as natives to the country.

When I was in Ecuador once, I had a breakfast conversation with my host brother and sister... where we discussed what I could call myself. Since I had arrived from the USA they initially called me "American" but then I said to them... "but I was born in Colombia... so am I only American?". They decided I wasn't, but that I could not say I was South American either... so when I asked that what that made me? They looked stumped (I should as that they were about 7 and 9 years of age)... that moment of them being stumped is where I have been most of my life... what is home?

I deeply love the patchwork mountains of Ecuador, have profound loyalty (and therefore profoundly understand the birth country requirement for US president) to Colombia, and adore the wild deserts of Arizona... so, from the moment I started becoming familiar with ancient greco-latin sayings I found an affinity with "I am a citizen not of Athens, nor of Greece, but of the world". I do not have a home country, but a slew of them... places that feel like home even if I visit for a short while.

So, why am I telling you all this... very recently someone else who had a similar birth experience to mine indirectly called me a bologotano (as in someone who hails from Bogota) and it was such a beautiful moment when I noticed this, because for the first time, someone other than my own family recognized that is exactly what I am... I was born in Bogota, Colombia... the color of my skin may not reflect that to many people but it is a part of what I am, and my birth country is not something that can be taken from me, that experience of growing up as a part of the community there and not just among other expats, of having my soul touched by the place of my birth and that in the end, regardless of what happens, I am that. Just like there should never be a reason to lose my American citizenship status... that is also something I am... and so I am a citizen of the world, with places I love that I can call home.

I wear a coat of many colors, colors from different flags... and I am being called a blogotana (evoking the feminine) and it feels so nice. Thank you Dr. Filmer, because of that gesture I felt confident enough to apply to blogscolombia.

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My first award

(Rolling on the floor laughing and still coughing)
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Thank you Mrs. OotFP
(the medal read "Blair Bears Up")

The less "artistic" one is now in it's place... slac (still laughing and coughing) does this mean I have received two awards?

My August swap

augustrainbow2006_0727 Originally uploaded by mutantsupermodel.

This I received. But there is more...

augustrainbow2006_0729(001) Originally uploaded by mutantsupermodel.

The apron, which fails to show the very cute one that was along with it for Squink and because my camera batteries are dead, my camera phone must suffice you can go see it here.


While I am proud of my swap, the camera pictures suck but if you are curious to see what I sent go here and here for the coloriffic swap-o-rama and here for the Pack it up Small

Saturday, August 05, 2006

To do list:

1. mop up the pool in the basement
2. Rest
3. Fix window in attic

Note: Items in italics reveal that deep thought has gone into... well, just thinking about fixing it. Additionally, the extent to which the strike-through is used reveals the extent to which that particular goal was accomplished.

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Thursday, August 03, 2006

my nutshell

The last few weeks in a nutshell...
  • I got sick
  • That night we were in the worst storm I have ever been in where I live
  • We had no power for a day
  • I got worse
  • I was grateful it was not like Katrina, but there are homes with missing roofs and some trees (and I mean the HUGE ones) overturned on homes and cars in the "hood"... I think a tornado hit, though none were reported. I think we were lucky, but in the "eye of the storm"...
  • Our damage... a window pane out in our attic and several overturned trees and fallen branches).
  • I get worse.
  • I miss more than 2 days in a row of work for the first time (due to illness)... ever!
  • I find the humidity horrid and start to dislike Arizona for the first time... ever!
  • I continue to be sick.
  • I find I am grateful I have day care so I can have some time at home to recuperate without having to care for a Squink... I feel guilty about this.
  • After five days and six nights in bed... I return to the living... barely.
  • I have an evil cough.
  • A moment of catharsis was given a little wack in the head.
  • My cat seems to have bloody smelly puss come out of her paw... my other cat has lung cancer. I am consumed with cat guilt.
  • My cat gets a pad on her paw amputated and has a cast... she hates the cast, and the three medicines I have to give her.
  • My other cat is not fond of the medicine that helps him breathe...
  • I am still consumed by cat guilt.
  • My cat is mad at me and proves this by using my bed as a potty. I am coughing too hard to be too mad at her... plus, I would be mad too if I had one of my extra thumbs removed because my caretakes let it grow into my hand.
  • I am told by several people that my cough is "nasty" and must be seen by a doctor...
  • after three days I cave.
  • It takes another three days to get an appointment to see the doctor.
  • I am now on three medications...
  • And I am still full of guilt (I must take better care of myself for Squinks sake).
  • I still have not replaced my missing window in the attic...
  • I fear that I will have pigeon hell if I wait much longer...
  • But it is too hot and my cough is my excuse.
  • Our air conditioner (thank goodness for central air) has made a small pool of condensation in the basement... and I have left it for a few days because I can't, I just can't deal with it right now...
  • I just want to sleep when I get home, but I have to take care of the Squink until he goes to bed.
  • I am tired, I hate coughing, my cats are ill, I can't take care of the house I love right now and all I want to do is cry...
  • And I miss all of you.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

A slightly better picture

Cheeky fella ain't he

for the oma's

for Oma

Dear Oma -

I forget that sometimes you use this to see how the Squink grows... he is huge now and I think he is going through a big growth spurt... I swear that some mornings he just looks taller!

So, here is a picture I took of him this morning, sleeping... he woke up at 4 am and so I put him in his corral with food and a drink and went back to sleep myself... I guess he did the same.



Saturday, July 15, 2006

You know it is hot...

... when you are excited it is said it will be 109 F tomorrow.


It is no wonder...

... that pride is considered one of the seven deadly sins...

I think my person may come into question as I reveal that I am the "designer" of one of the top 100 ugliest myspace websites... really, I am proud.


Thursday, July 13, 2006

A paleontologist in the making

Today, I was on the phone with an old friend when I had to interrupt the conversation to ask Squink to take the dinosaur guts out of his mouth...

You know the person on the phone is a friend, because he said "Maybe when he is older he will tell me what they tasted like".

I replied "Plastic". (Imagine if I had said chicken)

Can I say I was glad that Squink was not eating a coprolite, and just a plastic unreasonable facsimile of that which makes it?


So much fun...

I decided to do it again!

Swap-bot swap: coloriffic swaporama: AUGUST
I swap with Swap-bot!


Tuesday, July 11, 2006

I got my Uber fabulous package!

My received Originally uploaded by Blair Necessities.

So, of all things I get a professional artist as my very first swap partner! It is all so lovely and my Blair Necessities tote bag is already my tote of choice for work!
And boy do I preen like a peacock when people ask me where I got it, and then tell me what lovely personalization it has and I have to say it is from my favorite City in Canadia (yes, that is how I pronounce it, on purpose, forgive me)... and a wonderful graphic designer from there does the work and it was a gift and yes I just may send them a card on the very special personalized stationary she made me.

rachael_h, I love it! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Saturday, July 08, 2006

Things I learned while on vacation...

Or that I will pretend to have learned anyway...

Although the plurals 'octopusses' and 'octopi' are acceptable, the word is of Greek etymology and its correct plural is octopata.

This, however, is what I really learned; "adult entertainment" in the parts north of me are questionable... sorry, but I am pretty sure there must be some interesting women in there!


Monday, June 26, 2006

Casa Babel

I know that all kids grow at their own pace, but I am starting to wonder if speaking to him in three languages is the best thing. Why, well here is a list of his words:

bye (and bye-bye), ashes (said like asses, a potty mouth already, uhh-ohh... these are the ones he uses with any frequency... I think their may be one or two more intelligible ones (he does babble quite a bit).

So, of course I start worrying about his development, because that is what we are supposed to do as parents, aren't we? So, I looked at where he should be... informs me of the following (Squinks are bolded - my comments in Italics)

16 months

Mastered Skills (most kids can do)

• Turns the pages of a book
• Has temper tantrums when frustrated

• Becomes attached to a soft toy or other object - for a few days anyway

Emerging Skills (half of kids can do)

Discovers joy of climbing
• Stacks three blocks
Learns the correct way to use common objects (e.g. the telephone)

Advanced Skills (a few kids can do)

• Takes off one piece of clothing by himself
• Gets finicky about food
Switches from two naps to one – most of the time

17 months

Mastered Skills (most kids can do)

• Uses a handful of words regularly
• Enjoys pretend games - what are pretend games?
Likes riding toys

Emerging Skills (half of kids can do)

Responds to directions (e.g. "Sit down")
• Feeds doll - nope
Talks more clearly

Advanced Skills (a few kids can do)

Dances to music
• Sorts toys by color, shape, or size
• Kicks ball forward - he does but I think it is on accident

18 months

Mastered Skills (most kids can do)

• Will "read" board books on his own - he has always done this
• Can pedal when put on trike
Scribbles well - Huh?

Emerging Skills (half of kids can do)

• Strings words together in phrases - in his own language
Brushes teeth with help
• Builds a tower of four cubes

Advanced Skills (a few kids can do)

Throws ball overhand
• Takes toys apart and puts them back together
Shows signs of toilet training readiness

They go on to say:

13 to 18 months
Now your child is using one or more words, and he knows what they mean. He'll even practice inflection, raising his tone when asking a question, saying "Up-py?" when he wants to be carried, for example. He's realizing the importance of language as he taps into the power of communicating his needs.

Some signs to look out for:

13 to 18 months
Your child isn't saying any words by 15 months (including "mama" or "dada"), didn't babble before his first birthday, is unable to point to any body parts, or you still can't understand a word he's saying by 18 months.

I have never done body parts with him, he doesn't know them... was I supposed to? I mean if he looked at my eye and touched it I would, but never played a game of it...

They go on about bilingual situations... and We don't exclusively speak to him in one language... we can't, if it involves the other adult knowing what the one is saying... so we all mix...

Is there a right way to do this?

I HATE feeling like a failure.

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Saturday, June 24, 2006

random translations

Via Jodiferous


1. Randomly pick a song from your music library.
2. Find the lyrics for the first four verses/chorus
3. Go to Google translation and translate the lyrics from English into German.
4. Take the new German lyrics and translate them into French.
5. Take the new French lyrics and translate them into English.
6. Post the NEW English lyrics and have people guess the original song

My random song is:

I was wounded to see,
if I still smell
me concentrates on a pain
the only thing which is true
the needle, violently break a drilling
the old close friend passage attempts to kill him all
far me remembers however all that has me,

my softer friend of each one than I know,
go today in at the end
and you could have it
my whole kingdom of dirtiness
me leaves far
you with niederwerfen me forms
wounded you

me carries this one crowns spine
after chair of my liar
of the defective thoughts
me cannot repair
under the marks of time
to disappear the feelings
you am fully different somebody
me am still towards right-hand side here that

me to have, to become
my friend softer
each one than I know, goes far
in at the end
and you could have it
my whole kingdom of dirtiness
me leashes you with niederwerfen
me forms wounded you

if I could still begin
million miles eliminates
me were held to
me a manner found

My creation - is it real?

My creation - is it real?
Originally uploaded by Blair Necessities.

OK, So here is my swap for coloriffic swap-o-rama... I am so hoping that my recipient loves it, or at least likes it. I threw a few things in there that were not "official" colors, but put them inside things that were "official" colors. My hand made items are on the upper right, a kitty pin cushion and some uber large magnets. I sent some fabrics (lower right) and then filled the rest with goodies I thought my swap partner would enjoy and use. This has been an interesting experience, and I enjoyed it very much!

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Pandora Internet Radio

I just found this place! If you want to save space but like to listen to music while tapping away at the old keyboard you might want to try it!Pandora Internet Radio
I guess broadband helps a bit too, but I have tried it for a few days now and like it a lot and I have learned about some new bands and songs I like.

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Yellow submarine, yellow submarine, yellow submarine... ad infinitum

When I was little, my favourite song was Yellow submarine... of course, the only words I knew were "yellow" and "submarine" which I would repeat for what I am sure felt like hours on end...
Well, it seems that the Squink follows in those very same footsteps... for your viewing pleasure... Ring around the rosie...


Saturday, June 17, 2006

Essay on self exploration Part 2

It seems many thought I was being too hard on myself. My mother included, who told me that when she read it she thought to herself something like, “I failed if she thinks this way about herself”. I am not sure where that, which made people think this, was in the essay; to me it was more of a look at how I usually perceive myself (a kind person) is not quite the truth. However, what I was looking at in the essay was what is it that makes my attaining the status of kind person so nebulous… and that is those situations where I allow my very cruel streak to show forth. Thankfully, I can’t find any recent examples where I find I have been cruel to the caliber I was in my youth. But… and I must add this here, I think that reflecting on these things is important.
My recollection of myself in my youth is one of being kind and loving, not hateful, mean or spiteful. I tried to be kind with many different people, but as far as attaining my desired state of grace, I was lacking. I am sure that raging hormones and such allowed for this to happen, as I am not so inclined to tell people that I think they are being stupid or idiots or even fat to the extent I would have in the past, though I do try hard to answer questions honestly. Additionally, my inclination now is to put seeds into their paths to allow them the chance to reflect and judge themselves. After all, age has taught me that I am certainly in no position to judge, and especially to judge harshly for most people. I think pedophiles can be judged… and I am referring to adults that hurt little children, not, for example, consensual sex between a 16 year old and an 18 year old. The later may be stupid behavior but not worth judging to the extent that the first example is. I think this may be the mother in me, though I certainly felt as an aunt and I felt it as a one-of-those-random-every-day-person-without-little-children in her life people. What changed, in becoming a mother, is the rage at those who would hurt little children. But that, I think is a justified rage or anger.
But I digress. It is interesting to note that as my 20th year high school reunion approaches that I am coming into contact with people I knew then. There is another person with whom I was friends then that has come back into my life… and through no desire of my own. they have befriended a very good friend of mine, one I have had for these past 20 years or so… now, truth be told I found this person to be pedantic and a manipulator, and as such I severed our friendship, I did not do this gracefully, but how does one do that, tell someone they don’t want them in their lives anymore because they have some major growing up to do… I don’t know, I don’t think I have gained anymore from these past years other than to say I am much pickier about whom I choose to call a best friend. Well, I agreed to go to dinner with everyone and I was civil, because at this point I still found her a little annoying but in an entertaining way. I thought everything had gone nicely at dinner and felt comfortable with this bizarre friendship triangle. Then I get a phone call from my friend, the good one, and was informed that all the ex-friend could talk about was how rude I was, and how obvious it was that I still did not like her. Well, that had not been true, up until that phone call. So, I am back at thinking this person has not left their manipulative ways, and I now run the risk of losing a friend that I have had for 20 years (because she is that good). Frankly, I would hate to think that we lost all those years of putting up with each other (the good friend), but I don’t need this kind of drama in my life. So where does this leave me…
Well, I guess, right back where I started.

An aside... If you get the chance, check out the video by Sarah McLachlan :'World on Fire' on afterglow. I found it on yahoo music. Someone told me to watch it, so I did and there is a scene about a little boy that made me cry. I don’t usually like Sarah McLachlan all that much, she is in that its OK area… but the video was a nice reminder about our world and its pain and suffering, and just how lucky I am. I like those things, it appeals to the charitable side of my nature. That and it reminds why I think everyone should visit a third world country.

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Friday, June 16, 2006

Essay on self exploration Part 1

I have been corresponding with an old friend for a while now. Like many friendships, this one had its good points and its amazingly low points. In the end, neither of us were very good friends to the other, though we cared for the others well being very deeply. So, through a certain googled name, we came in contact again… it has been interesting to say the least. It has brought back a lot of the anger, on both our parts I think, on how we treated the other. Which is a shame, but it is a very interesting process. In part, because we are speaking honestly for the first time in a very long time, also, because the process has been very liberating as well as humiliating. Facing ones nastier past is not the easiest of tasks. You are forced through their or ones own dialog to look at ones actions, not from the ego point of view, but from the more global view. Looking at how one behaved as an adolescent, in my case, requires a lot of self forgiveness and exploration of the reasons why I treated some folks so terribly.

There was one friend that I once told she was fat, to her face. In retrospect, she was not fat, (and you don't know how mush I fought to not write "all that" here) though she was most certainly not the nicest person and did hurt many friends of mine... but, frankly, that did not give me license to hurt her feeling so badly. Now, I have to admit, it this occurrence of calling her fat, happened after imbibing a few bottles of champagne while in a hot tub (these do not mix BTW)… but what gave me license to drink that way… for one it was illegal for me to drink (though I did often and well during these years of my life) and it is also, and most importantly, quite contrary to my nature to behave that way. Sadly, that was not the only time I was mean to that girl. And when I think about what I did to her (in absence of what she did to me and any one else), contrition is not enough, I almost feel worthy of a hair shirt and self flagellation.

Now, that is also an interesting idea… that feeling of intense remorse that makes one feel that worthiness is not attainable, unless through acts of contrition. I think my growing up in a South American catholic environment may be the origin of some of this, in addition to trying very hard to be a good person and hating ones failures in that attempt. After all I did join in on a pilgrimage where we crawled on our knees to the church once... I was 6 or so and it was my choosing.

Where can I find solace that the long term repercussions, of these times when I behaved so abominably, are not negative ones to her anymore? Can I assume that she took these situations and turned them into more positive ones? I do not fear damnation, I know in my heart that I try very hard to be a good person; that I try to behave honorably, to be patient with folks who think differently than I, that I work very hard at tempering my tongue when I hear or see things I consider unfair and/or condescending... When I don’t think people are trying to attain a higher standard themselves. Now this may be what some may call my standard, but I think there is a universal ideal on how folks should be treated… that standard is the one to which I am referring. Sure there is a gray area, but all the religions touch on it, the most famous probably being to love thy neighbor or the golden rule…

I guess my point is that it is always hard to face that in the past I was not the nicest of people and that I could sink so very low, and that I allowed a sense of retribution to direct me to behave poorly.

PS I am listening to the Magic Flute - I always get reflective when I listen to Mozart.

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Thursday, June 15, 2006

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Word Association

  1. Band :: Aid

  2. Tan :: Black and

  3. Mount :: Vesuvius

  4. Arcade :: video

  5. Customize :: google home page

  6. Hamburger :: helper

  7. Solid :: ground

  8. Forbidden :: fruit

  9. Deter :: Dieter

  10. Torment :: torture

The hamburger one is embarrasing, but I swear I have never used the stuff!
Via Mrs. Ootfp
this is an audio post - click to play
this is an audio post - click to play

Monday, June 12, 2006

So I battle evil forces again, comix style

My creation Originally uploaded byBlair Necessities.

New and Improved


You scored 52% Gryffindor, 24% Ravenclaw, 20% Hufflepuff, and 4% Slytherin!
Difficult. Difficult. Plenty of courage. Not a bad set of brains. A good heart. And the determination to prove yourself.

But where to put you? BETTER BE - The house with the highest percentage you scored.

Ps: If it's the same number, pick the one you think is most right for you. We are not determined by our talents but by our choices-A.D

My test tracked 4 variables How you compared to other people your age and gender:
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You scored higher than 83% on Gryffindor
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You scored higher than 16% on Ravenclaw
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You scored higher than 0% on Hufflepuff
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You scored higher than 0% on Slytherin
Link: The Hogwarts Sorting Hat Test written by itui on OkCupid Free Online Dating, home of the 32-Type Dating Test

Friday, June 09, 2006

screenshot of my blog

screenshot of my blog Originally uploaded by Blair Necessities.


blue: links (a tags)
red: tables (table, tr, td tags)
green: divs
violet: images (img tags)
yellow: forms (form, input, textarea, select, option tags)
orange: block formatting (br, p, blockquote tags)
black: root (html tag)
gray: all other tags

and thanks to ::dura:matter:: for sending me there

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Happy Blogiversary Nettie

My guest post will be on sometime today.

UPDATE: It is up! Don't forget... we have a few more weeks of this celebration.

Happy blogiversary to you
Happy blogiversary to you
Happy blogiversary, dear Nettie
Happy blogiversary to you.




Feigning piety or righteousness: “a solemn, unsmiling, sanctimonious old iceberg that looked like he was waiting for a vacancy in the Trinity” (Mark Twain).

sancti·moni·ous·ly adv.
sancti·moni·ous·ness n.

Source: The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, Fourth Edition
Copyright © 2000 by Houghton Mifflin Company.
Published by Houghton Mifflin Company. All rights reserved.


sanctimonious adj : excessively or hypocritically pious; "a sickening sanctimonious smile" [syn: holier-than-thou, pietistic, pietistical, pharisaic, pharisaical, self-righteous]
Source: WordNet ® 2.0, © 2003 Princeton University

I find this to be an intriguing word.

It was noted that I was not an enthusiastic supporter of this post by its writer.

So I told him why, though I feel like the Bible verse I left him tells it all.

(Eph 4:29-32 NASB) Let no unwholesome word proceed from your mouth, but only such a word as is good for edification according to the need of the moment, that it may give grace to those who hear. And do not grieve the Holy Spirit of God, by whom you were sealed for the day of redemption. Let all bitterness and wrath and anger and clamor and slander be put away from you, along with all malice. And be kind to one another, tender-hearted, forgiving each other, just as God in Christ also has forgiven you.

And since it appears that he is unable to interpret the Word... I will tell him what this verse says to me...
It was reminding him that his is not the place to sit in judgement, his is not the place to let bitterness and such rest and his IS the place to bring kindness and forgiveness.

Monday, June 05, 2006

She's once, twice, three times a


yup, that is moi!

I am doing this:

Swap-bot swap: coloriffic swap-o-rama: JULY
I swap with Swap-bot!

Interesting you may say... but I looked at the caliber of crafts these ladies put out and I am sure hoping that someone likes my little items, the ones that I am pouring my heart into...

Mrs. OOtfp... wanna help? You are a fabulously crafty lady... no, never mind... you must work on your school work and learn to be the worlds most effective listener... (woot! ~ you already are!!!)

Reason #2
After the post by the Three Graces ... check out the one for today... I was rendered speechless, I don't know what to say, it is a rant... and focuses primarily on the ugliness of passion (with a passion). I think I better stop here...

[insert minor expletive here]

Nettie is still having a guest-post-all-week-long blogiversary event... mine will still be up this Wednesday, it is still a great topic, and I am still regretting what I wrote (less so after today)... some hard acts to follow!

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P.S. I am feeling rather L33T today... I am Queen dork! <- Reason #3 folks!!!1!

Sunday, June 04, 2006

Come on, do the dirgle?

So, has anyone figured out what he is doing yet?

PS Nettie is having a guest-post-all-week-long blogiversary event... mine will be up this Wednesday, but it is a great topic, and I am already regretting what I wrote... I am just to darn serious sometimes.


Sunday, May 28, 2006

First Tattoo

it says "I love MOM" I promise
Originally uploaded by Blair Necessities.

And it is not even TaMoko

He tells me it says "I love MOM", he promises it does...

I hope this is not a sign of things to come...

Saturday, May 27, 2006