Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Word Association

  1. Band :: Aid

  2. Tan :: Black and

  3. Mount :: Vesuvius

  4. Arcade :: video

  5. Customize :: google home page

  6. Hamburger :: helper

  7. Solid :: ground

  8. Forbidden :: fruit

  9. Deter :: Dieter

  10. Torment :: torture

The hamburger one is embarrasing, but I swear I have never used the stuff!
Via Mrs. Ootfp


Patricia Tryon said...

Tan :: Black and

Blair, that is so classy. It more than makes up for the hamburger thingy (which, although I too have never used it, I would too UNclassy to be bothered by *grin*)

smaps said...

No, you are right. Way too much. It must be trendy now.

smaps said...

Of course that comment was for your last post.
::stupid stupid!!::

Blair said...

Smaps!!! Hi there!