Tuesday, November 28, 2006

I am seriously thinking about this


No, really, I am OK with it...

Yeah, nothing pleasant worth sharing from my first trip into NaNoWriMo hell... I want to know how those full time working single mothers have managed to do it?
However, I have no regrets, as I have two story lines I am happy with and one that I am hoping will work itself out in the next few years.

I fear that I may not be the story teller (at least in written form) that I imagined myself to be... I do far better on spur of the moment fanciful tales like why sometimes raindrops have bubbles when they land...

All was not lost for me in November though... I had a few great milestones...
the main one being that I, after almost two years, managed to get to my pre-pregnancy weight... and even one upped it by really getting to within a few pounds shy of my pre-marital weight.

The other thing is completely related to this.. you know that heinous periformis thing I had when I was pregnant... the one where I could not sit down or stand up without help and some major pain and tears (and trust me pregnant women have a real need to do this sitting and standing thing, even if they are on bed rest... for those who may be a bit slower to get what I am saying here... I am referring to potty breaks)... well, it is so much better! it is still a bit achy... but the Schatz, Squink and I actually walk five miles once a week... something I never thought I would be able to do again. And no, Squink doesn't walk it, he rolls in his stroller for most of the trip..

I missed you all, I am probably going to still be pretty absent, the Oma und Opa are coming for a few months and I must get the house in order!