Friday, September 30, 2005


A friend told me the other day:
Guilt - the jewish (happy new year BTW) invented it, the catholics perfected it and the mormons marketed it...

OK. Having said that...

Squink fell last night!

I feel tremendous guilt, though he has nary a bruise on him! It was awful and it is shocking how these sort of things can happen.

Oy vey, saints preserve me!

Sunday, September 25, 2005

Another rather interesting meme

Chris has done a rather interesting meme and tagged anyone who wants... I am intrigued and as such I went through these rules:
1. Delve into your blog archive.
2. Find your 23rd post (or closest to).
3. Find the fifth sentence (or closest to).
4. Post the text of the sentence in your blog along with these instructions.
5. Tag five people to do the same.

and got this:

The results:

Since I do not follow directions and will not even follow a recipe (yes even a baking one) to its exact specifications... I will forgo rule 5 other than to say" I tag you, and you, and you, you, and you! You know who you are...

On a side note my brother is coming to visit (half brother really but I am rounding up because he is so totally marvelous and all) today! This is the brother that is 14 years younger and also speaks with a rather poshish British accent so no one believes we are related even though we look somewhat related!

My sweet (or sour) pickle boy

My sweet (or sour) pickle boy
Originally uploaded by Blair Necessities.

Sucking on his first kosher dill pickle (after a giant Motza Ball) at the Miracle Mile Deli.....and Squink is loving it.

Wednesday, September 21, 2005


Originally uploaded by Blair Necessities.

So here is Squinks first roomate all grown up and getting his hair cleaned up! OK, I am pretty biased, but this here boy is one cutie pie!

Not my lucky number

I got seven lovely ounces of liquid gold for my son today! I had five yesterday so I am rather pleased (sorta). However, yesterday I got to feed him mid-day at the doctor appointment so who know what I really made!

We are shooting for getting twelve, but I am very happy with the seven.

Doctor appt in a nutshell, I have a long skinny boy... no word on the bloodwork yet! Let us hope that is over, no more specialist visits please! Looks like a lefty, and a slight frown from the doc when it was revealed that he does not imitate... should he?

Saturday, September 17, 2005

My own desert

I have not posted much on breast feeding... other than to say it is something I find to be very important and even that was not really stated from a soapbox... I think it is important but to each his own and we all live with the consequences of our choices...

I had a horrible fever this past week, and I am now finding that I am drying up...
I find this so sad and depressing. I don't want to stop and last night Squink and I were awake all night and he just kept trying to nurse and I am assuming he just was not getting enough because he was fussy and crying that I finally opened my reserve can of formula and made him a bottle. I cried as I was putting it together as it was something I was so hoping that I would not have to do it... I am going to try to see if I can bring up "my dairy production" but he has now had two formula bottles... that he finished in seconds and gobbled up like he had not eaten in a week. I just feel somewhat helpless here, I don't want him to starve so that I get more milk faster. Perhaps it is because I am an office job mother... but... I am just so sad about this... it has been my favorite time with the squink.

If I were an artist I would want to paint this... not sure why, but the way I feel seems like it needs an image to go along with the desperation of possibly losing the ability to breastfeed...



There is no fire like passion, there is no shark like hatred, there is no snare like folly, there is no torrent like greed.


Tuesday, September 13, 2005

I am because we are

I first heard the expression in a comment on my aunts blog.

I liked the idea that came to my mind, something like the "it takes a village" (before the H. Clinton bastardization of it anyway).

So I googled the expression and I read more on the "origins" and have become much more intrigued.

Race relations have always interested me, not because I see people as different based on skin color or ethnicity, but because I have felt myself so flummoxed by the whole idea that people do that at all. I see people as parts of a whole, that there is not a "right way" nor necessarily even a "wrong way" (criminal minds and such being an exception)... I don't love people because they are white, or brown, or red, or black.... I love them because they have spoken to my soul and equally, I don't dislike someone because they are white or brown, or red, or black.... but because they have tried to hurt my soul. It is only when they have hurt me because of the color of my skin or even because of theirs that this may even become an issue, this does not happen often.

I know not everyone sees the world as I do, some people may like having ethnic enclaves, and since I have no real country to call "home" I consider everyone my sister and brother, that I am "in it" with them, in an attempt to make life bearable and joyous, and as with family, relationships are hard and must be worked on, it is just sad when folks don't want to work on them with me, but then, that is their perogative... sadly, not everyone sees anyone as a family member in their life.

The article I link to in my header talks about dehumanization... I have often pondered if there may not be such. But then, the book it is reviewing apparently speaks on race relations and the African American diaspora from a North American view (though the Caribbean and Afria have contributing writers). Race, in my experience in South America was profoundly different. We did not base social relationships on race as much as two other factors; class (the haves and have nots) and region (the coastal folks and the mountain folks). It could be equally as ugly as racism.

Monday, September 12, 2005

The Magnificent Seven

Inadvertently tagged for the seven from early hours of sky

Seven Things I Plan To Do Before I Die:

1. Live in South America again
2. Finish Medical School
3. Live in Europe again
4. Visit places I haven't seen
5. Learn to trick ride a horse
6. Raise a strong yet kind child(ren)
7. Nurture my inner bohemian

Seven Things I Can Do:

1. Think abstractly
2. Think outside the box
3. Plan things
4. Learn painful lessons
5. Speak Spanish
6. Be very generous
7. Put things together correctly without reading the directions

Seven Things I Can't Do:

1. Clean house (though not for a lack of trying)
2. Put a car engine back together (not that I have ever tried)
3. Forgive myself (at least I don't do it very well)
4. Write anything for "pleasure" without feeling like a huge dork
5. Get a manicure (the feeling of having nail polish on my nails for more than 4 hours is very disturbing)
6. Pay for things I know I can get for free
7. Keep my mouth shut

Seven Things That Attract Me to People:

1. Generosity
2. Kindness
3. Beauty (inner and outer but of my definition)
4. Joy of life
5. Skepticism
6. Honor (but not among thieves)
7. Respect for those who are weaker

Seven Things I Say Most:

1. Squinky
2. Schatzy
3. Uhm...
4. The Sky, the moon, the stars (when asked what's up)
5. You crack me up like an egg
6. Let's blow this popsicle joint
7. Hey, Hey, Hey... when I hear people cuss

Seven Celebrity Crushes:

1. Andrew McCarthy
2. Duckie
3. Daniel Lapaine
4. W.B. Yeats
5. Bobby Burns
6. Moritz, but more of in a grandfatherly way
7. Clint Eastwood

Since early hours of sky really impressed me with the following one I am somewhat copying her in a vain attempt at flattery...

Seven People I am tagging:

If you haven'’t had (pick one)

1. A Doctor visit that required a blood draw in the last week
2. Any fast food today
3. A bagel for breakfast
4. Written a blog post today
5. Complained about your neighbor
6. To run an errand but couldn't make it
7. Anything to do and as such may desire to do so...

Friday, September 02, 2005


It seems like it is mandated that blogs have a post about this situation.
All my friends and loved ones there are accounted for as of ten minutes ago, though they are in shock and seemingly broken in spirit.

I look at the footage and just feel overwhelmed. I am so reminded of the life I had in South America. It is chaos of the nature of a third world country. I hope that there are more shining examples of humanity happening than the horror stories of rape and personal looting... though I have to admit that if I were there and saw any starving children I would loot in a heartbeat, if I were there with Squink, I would loot in a heart beat... it is the harm that they seem to be causing each other that is just so devastating.

I am just so saddened by this situation... in so many ways and on so many levels.