Monday, September 12, 2005

The Magnificent Seven

Inadvertently tagged for the seven from early hours of sky

Seven Things I Plan To Do Before I Die:

1. Live in South America again
2. Finish Medical School
3. Live in Europe again
4. Visit places I haven't seen
5. Learn to trick ride a horse
6. Raise a strong yet kind child(ren)
7. Nurture my inner bohemian

Seven Things I Can Do:

1. Think abstractly
2. Think outside the box
3. Plan things
4. Learn painful lessons
5. Speak Spanish
6. Be very generous
7. Put things together correctly without reading the directions

Seven Things I Can't Do:

1. Clean house (though not for a lack of trying)
2. Put a car engine back together (not that I have ever tried)
3. Forgive myself (at least I don't do it very well)
4. Write anything for "pleasure" without feeling like a huge dork
5. Get a manicure (the feeling of having nail polish on my nails for more than 4 hours is very disturbing)
6. Pay for things I know I can get for free
7. Keep my mouth shut

Seven Things That Attract Me to People:

1. Generosity
2. Kindness
3. Beauty (inner and outer but of my definition)
4. Joy of life
5. Skepticism
6. Honor (but not among thieves)
7. Respect for those who are weaker

Seven Things I Say Most:

1. Squinky
2. Schatzy
3. Uhm...
4. The Sky, the moon, the stars (when asked what's up)
5. You crack me up like an egg
6. Let's blow this popsicle joint
7. Hey, Hey, Hey... when I hear people cuss

Seven Celebrity Crushes:

1. Andrew McCarthy
2. Duckie
3. Daniel Lapaine
4. W.B. Yeats
5. Bobby Burns
6. Moritz, but more of in a grandfatherly way
7. Clint Eastwood

Since early hours of sky really impressed me with the following one I am somewhat copying her in a vain attempt at flattery...

Seven People I am tagging:

If you haven'’t had (pick one)

1. A Doctor visit that required a blood draw in the last week
2. Any fast food today
3. A bagel for breakfast
4. Written a blog post today
5. Complained about your neighbor
6. To run an errand but couldn't make it
7. Anything to do and as such may desire to do so...


early hours of sky said...

I am particularly impressed by number 7, “the things you can do”. Do you want to come over for coffee? I can’t even put things together WITH directions.

Nettie said...

I can just hear you saying "hey, hey, hey".