Tuesday, July 18, 2006

for Oma

Dear Oma -

I forget that sometimes you use this to see how the Squink grows... he is huge now and I think he is going through a big growth spurt... I swear that some mornings he just looks taller!

So, here is a picture I took of him this morning, sleeping... he woke up at 4 am and so I put him in his corral with food and a drink and went back to sleep myself... I guess he did the same.




Blair said...

more evedince of what a "good" mother I am!
a q

Blair said...

"evedince" of my spelling proficiency!

euroma said...

Ich weiss, Babys sind besonders lieb und suess, wenn sie schlafen. Ich habe mich sehr ueber das Bild von "Seppi" gefreut und ich freue mich immer, wenn Bilder im PC von ihm sind. Ich hoffe auch, dass Christoph mit ihm deutsch spricht, damit Little Josef auch mit "Old Josef" unterhalten kann. Gruss an Euch 3 mama