Sunday, August 27, 2006

a picture and why I am grateful for the Numa-Numa guy

I lost my post after the first save, so this is what you get, yes, this is what was here when I made a save to go out to dinner at the restaurant I met my husband at and proceed to drink one or two or possibly three and a half too many margaritas and when upon my return home I meant to put further meaningless drivel but with cool links and all on the blog and was feeling all "inspired" aka drunk tipsy and managed to write a whole post of wonderfulness and deep thoughts only to have it ruined by a Squink wondering what the snake-like-thingy was doing being all hooked onto some other weird thingy but was really the power cord attached to a power outlet so I not only lost all I wrote but had to freak out at his being able to reach and pull out a power cord- I am way to freaking busy to make it all again, even though it was good and I was proud of all my linkys and all and I wish I had a mac but instead have spent way too much money on non macs but I am still alive so it can't be all that bad and

(breathe blair)

I am blog-speaking to myself... but Hi everyone!

here is the numa-numa link - he rocks, I now sing all the time because he can do it around the world and be parodied and such and so I can let myself be free of the sillier inhibitions... but the real post was much more thoughtful and rather poetic so you all close you eyes and imagine you just read some rather profound post for once here and think wow, Blair really has deep, profound and good thoughts...
now open your eyes and see the real world but you have forgotten about this silly post and I love you all for it!




nettie said...

*cracks up at first bit of post*

Catherine said...

love that post and love the video. I always get such cool things from you!