Wednesday, August 09, 2006

almost 100%

Today is the first day I have come to feeling better... which is a very good thing because it involved a crazy day at work (the good kind). My doctor called to check up on me, which makes him about as awesome as this doctor. I told him that the super duper antibiotic he put me on was awful and made my joints feel as if I was an 98 year old arthritic but that my "evil" cough was gone and that was good, also that I did take the prednisone (which I hate hate hate) and only had to use the albuterol twice (though I didnt say that I felt like I had to use since I had paid for it and all and it was not necessarily the case that I actually needed the meds). My joints still hurts 24 hours post medication, I feel like my 98 arthritic alter ego has taken over my body but I am 98.2% cough free (I mean who would want to cough when they can feel as if they were falling apart at the seam - literally).

However, my point is that I almost have my sense of humor back, I am almost back at my usual strangely lovable self that will break into song at a moments notice... it is close, I have had the urge to sing randomly and while I am sure I am completely tone deaf, the happiness I feel and the laughs it brings are worth something as an indicator of recovery.

We finally got the overturned trees cleaned up and by we I mean the wonderful man that comes to our home every other week. I think he is going to be able to save two of them. If you are so inclined, pray for my trees, they are a special thing and I love them. While you are at it, you may want to pray that all of the pigeons that live around here are struck with supreme idiocy and don't figure out that I still have not replaced the attic window. IT IS TOO HOT!

In other news, a heavy metal rock band wants to use our house on their next album... they spoke to the Schatz so all details are rather vague, but I will post more when I get the chance... on the house blog, the one I have not written anything on because I did not have any nice things to say and thought it was better not to say them at all... so I let the place rest and therefore not be subject to my ranting about how I hate the new steps that lead to the pool area, that the storm was hell and I was terrified about the pool nature thought we wanted in our basement (I am not sure who gave nature that idea).

So, for what it is worth, today (at least) I am back!

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Dutch said...

a heavy metal band wants to put your house on an album! do it!

Anonymous said...

do it, but don't let their groupies in the house...

I am happy you are doing so much better.

Jordana said...

Glad you are feeling some what better. Those bugs can sometimes wipe you out.

I hope the trees make it. They are such a rare commodity in the desert.

Madeline said...

I'm so glad you're recovering. YUCKY sicknesses.

Patricia Tryon said...

Pigeons are idiots, fortunately, so we can save our prayers for your trees and your cough ;-)

(You're right. I'll feel really bad if Arizona pigeons are smarter than ours... but consider that they have wings but not enough sense to leave your 'hood at this time of year and I think we have a pretty promising situation *grin*)