Saturday, August 12, 2006


I am not surprised by this.

I will never forget the day my cousin told me that the dinosaur fossils were put there to trick us thus making 99.9% of paleontologists satan's spawn.



Patricia Tryon said...

They firmly reject it. No sense leaving room for thinking to, er, evolve, right?

Reading an article like this, I feel very, very tired.

Patricia Tryon said...

Damn! I had to post again because the next word verification has eight letters, with a "q" at either end! Does this mean I should reject evolution, or simply continue to reject rejecting it?

Blair said...

continue to reject rejecting it... what is so funny to me, is that evolution really says nothing for or against the existence of God, it merely seeks to explain "change over time"... which in the end should make one stand in awe of the process even more.
... considering that I am an anthropologist, I guess I too would fall in the satan's spawn pool.