Thursday, July 13, 2006

A paleontologist in the making

Today, I was on the phone with an old friend when I had to interrupt the conversation to ask Squink to take the dinosaur guts out of his mouth...

You know the person on the phone is a friend, because he said "Maybe when he is older he will tell me what they tasted like".

I replied "Plastic". (Imagine if I had said chicken)

Can I say I was glad that Squink was not eating a coprolite, and just a plastic unreasonable facsimile of that which makes it?



Patricia Tryon said...

Ha! Good one!

I like the background. I have 10-15 possibilities I downloaded from The Great Subscription Clip Art Heaven and am processing them now. Some of those -- well, I swear they did not double check the tile effects and, on top of that, white space has to be edited out of them ALL.


But there might be some calicos...

The Ancestress Hypothesis said...

Hum, guts? Coprolites are not guts are they?

Do you have plastic dinosaur poop?

Blair said...

No, I have a coprolite and I have plastic dino guts... coprolites, to be very general, are made in the guts of a dino.

Paul said...

I have not chewed coprolites, but I have sucked on an ammonite (it was damned hot, and I was out of water).