Thursday, September 21, 2006


And the grad students most likely to cheat are... | Oddly Enough |

It is interesting that the liberal arts and humanites areas were either less prone to cheating or more prone to lying...


Catherine said...

I'm no where near being a grad student, but I am taking a business class and had a test Wednesday. I wanted to cheat! :) Cool story. Where do you find these things?

Patricia Tryon said...


Mr OotFP did his MBA close to ten years ago (I think) in an executive MBA program. I wonder what the metrics would be among "adults."

First thing that occurs to me is that I don't think they had much opportunity or reason to cheat. Their work was pretty much take-home and much had to be done in study groups to which they were assigned at the beginning of the program.

Second thing that occurs to me is that Mr OotFP chose as his thesis project a study of one of my clients... which would have made cheating kind of hard!

Third thing is that, unusually of the groups in their 50 member or so class (that started), all their group members finished. One guy, absolutely overwhelmed with some bad luck in life, wanted to drop out. The other group members picked him up by his collar and basically frog-marched him across the finish line. This group met at our house almost every Tuesday night for two years. I made them pizza, my contribution to encouraging them along.

Fourth this is that Mr OotFP missed graduation. He was, wouldn't you know, traveling in Europe at the time. He could not have cared less (it was his second grad degree, after all), but I was really disappointed and I still wish he (we) hadn't missed it.