Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Procrastination TTOAST

I am the master...

So much so that because I don't like the yucky situation I am in right now where people women persons humans are behaving stupidly... that I have been completely unable to notice any kind gestures around me. I have been thinking all day of what I have noticed and until just now as I opened this up to say I found nothing and say what a shame... well, I did remember one thing, a small one. But one that warmed my heart just a little, enough to turn my silly ol' frown upside down.

What a freaking shame though. Why have I given them so much power?


I have allowed this situation to consume me so much that I can't notice those small things I have vowed to try to notice so that in situations like these I do not lose faith in humanity.? what a twisted thing.

I said enough. (Is it bad that I am typing to myself?)

So, I put off my TTOAST for two days. I know it is still Wednesday, but I try to get my TTOAST up ASAP on the Tuesday and well it is Wednesday night, so I am counting today as a whole day too... after all, it is midnight somewhere.


The lady that takes care of Squink let her neighbors daughter (which is actually still her neighbor but younger and we don't have a word for that in English, do we?) park a wagon (think radio flyerwith wood sides) full of girl scout cookies so that the parents that are picking up their kids can buy them. So, what is the value? They are fattening and people eat too many things that are bad for them....? Wait... Aren't the scouts known for training women to be positive members of society? I don't know, I was only a boy scout (really, for one day).

Well, I thought it was sweet, and it gave me a chance to splurge on some chocolate mint goodness. The lady that takes care of Squink certainly did not have to let her do that, but she did. I think it was nice.

The little girl, must be her first year, drew up a nice sign... so, according to that sign, I am now the proud owner of some "Girl Scoot" cookies... bless that child. It has made me smile all week. I am sure that if she realizes it, she would be mortified, but I think it is so sweet that she went through all that work, that from now on, in honor of her (whose name I do not know) I will officially refer to them as girl scoot cookies! ( If she had written "Girl Scot", would it have only been applicable to the shortbread?)

So, I apologize if this seems incoherent... I am far from my best right now.

But I ask, what kindness have you noticed recently? I hope it is not as hard for you as it has been for me.



Patricia Tryon said...

Here is something that was a great kindness to me. After having long since given up the idea that I would _ever_ earn a bachelor's degree, having my health begin to return has given me some renewed interest in the world around me -- and some faith that I might actually be able to do it.

When I contacted the last school I attended (they offer distance learning and, although the school is in Oregon, I could actually finish up online), I though that the email would probably be ignored. I gathered my courage and called the Registrar's office, wherethe first person I talked with was enormously helpful. He made the effort to retrieve my archived records himself (instead of waiting for them to be sent up), walked them over to Admissions, and from there a very helpful woman contacted me.

The prof I worked with most closely many years ago now chairs the department in which I would like to finish my degree. He got in touch with me, too.

It's scary for me even to think about starting this again; I've failed so badly in the past. But the encouragement of each of these three people has been a great boost. Yes, they were "just doing their jobs", I suppose. But each of them went above and beyond in their kindnesses to me and this is very different from what I've experienced in school before.

It reminds me of how much difference it can make when a job is done with kindness.

Thanks, Blair, for continuing to do this. Kudos to you for finding kindness even when you are experiencing things that are not kind.

Nettie said...

I posted about someone who was a distant relation (my sister's ex-boyfriend) who was killed in Iraq, and someone in my state who was also familiar with him, but whom I've never met, emailed me with her condolences. That meant so much, cause I'm feeling like since he wasn't close, I shouldn't be sad about it. But it's okay to be, and to accept support for it. So I'm rambling, but it was still very cool.

CuriousHamster said...

Enjoy your Girl Scoot Cookies. You deserve some chocolate mint goodness. :o) Remember that the troughs are only there to make the peaks feel so fantastically great.

I will get round to a TTOAST soon. Not been in the mood recently and been spending too much time indoors. Outdoors for more bog clearing tomorrow though. I'll try not to fall in this time.