Tuesday, November 16, 2004


I pondered ancestors today. I have realized that Dotcom will be a first generation American, really. The interesting part is that my family has also been in Arizona since before statehood, so it will also be a native, in a land of its ancestors on American soil. I think I even have DAR qualifications...
Anyway, I always thought I would have my children overseas, but I thought that meant it would be in South America or Europe... But really, for me and schatzy it is born in a new country, since it will be born in a place that is not the birthlands of its parents. Lucky Dotcom will get to have three passports!!!! If I can fix mine one from South America that is! The other cool part is that Dotcom will have a huge history in Europe too... What a lucky baby, to have so many homelands so many places with ancestors.

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Anonymous said...

Very cool- the more countries, the merrier!