Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Bed rest, television and clothes

11 weeks down, 11 weeks to go...
of bed rest that is...

It is amazing how solitary life is to someone on bed rest. I am so relieved to have finished the eleven weeks, but the thought of eleven more is awful.

Yesterday, I spoke with three people on the phone; in my previous life I would have had many different conversations with many different people. We are social beings, after all. I wonder if there is any way to deal with just how quiet life gets, I know that TV helps, especially shows like Ellen (who saved me during my hospital stay), Oprah and the Jane Pauley Show, where your mind is made to think about issues and process a little. Then there is also the Food Network which is great to watch and I am adding to my 500,000+ recipes I want to try. I hope to get to use some of them when I sign up for the LINKS program at the Junior League of Phoenix when this is over. Many other shows are just mindless by comparison.

Now, I guess I should explain how Ellen saved me in my hospital stay. If there is one thing that can help one when times are unsure it would be having a sense of humor. I saw the Ellen show for the first time my first day in the hospital, and I laughed pretty hard. Now, I love the surgeon and the other doctors in the perinatology group (not my OB, who I really love too, but she is in a regular OB/GYN practice), but each and every one of them gave me a different story, from the one who told me I needed surgery to the one that told me I need two cm to get out of the hospital. Some doctors told me I could maybe go to lunch, others said no lunch, one would say reclining is ok, another would say no, that I had to lay flat the whole time. These conflicting stories were a major source of frustration for me. Ellen reminded me that laughter was important. She still does.

Me watching Ellen, while working on the Ellen portion of this Blog Posted by Hello

I also added Old Navy Maternity to my links section. Well, part of being able to survive this is getting up and putting on real clothes every day. There are not a lot of clothes that I can wear anymore, so I had to buy some to at least get through this winter. Living in my husband's pajama bottoms and t-shirts are just not acceptable, as would be living in summer dresses that are blousey in winter. So, I got some ad mail for old navy and it was also something my OB had mentioned to me when I complained about not having much to wear. Well, the nice thing about old navy is that since I am pretty darn sure I won't be going anywhere, I could buy from the bargains sections and was able to buy what I hope will get me through the rest of my pregnancy, and buy some baby/infant clothes for a very reasonable price. The site was also pretty friendly, in respect to sizing too, so I could guess what I would fit into and they have an excellent exchange policy.

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Jordana said...

Reading your posts about bedrest make me wish I could zip out to Phoenix and keep you company. I can't even begin to imagine you stuck and immobile all this time, but you certainly have a good cause.

Is there anything I can send you?