Thursday, November 11, 2004

Photo montage of my bed rest experience

The dot marking my amniocentesis Posted by Hello

I do obsess about this a bit, but this is my "scar" from the amniocentesis. I look to see if it is still there about once a week (not sure why - maybe it is a badge of courage since I was so terrified to do it).

My usual place, the couch Posted by Hello

Monitoring on the couch

Monitoring, tummy view Posted by Hello

Monitoring, but from my point of view

Me, bed resting Posted by Hello

Here I am, this is what I do most days, though the laptop is not on my lap and would have been a more accurate picture since it is on my lap from 8 in the morning until 10 or so at night.

Boadicea "Boba" eating my breakfast Posted by Hello

Boba and I eat breakfast together every morning. It seems that eating something and drinking some water before monitoring can help prevent or lessen those pesky contractions. And just so you know, I eat first, she get to clean out the yogurt container, we don't eat it at the same time. =D

My picture window Posted by Hello

I reference this in an earlier post, there are no birds because they have been frightened by the men working on our gas line in the alley behind the house for the past two weeks.

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Nettie said...

Hope you find a good ped. soon! When is your due date? I am suppossed to get a nephew or niece in April, so I am very interested in anything baby right now! Thanks for the comment!