Friday, November 26, 2004

Thanks and Giving musings

Well, Thanksgiving came and went. I enjoyed my favorite cranberry sauce and did not have to worry about a diabetic coma. It was a small family gathering, minus my aunt who stayed home with a cold as she did not want to make either myself or baby Jacob sick. I think this was the first Thanksgiving we ever had where we stayed late and talked, though much of it involved teasing my 10 year old cousin. I remember getting much of same when I was younger; I think it is one of those things that people just do to kids that have strong reactions. At least my cousin is one tough and confident kid and I hope we can keep our love of reading as a bonding factor, though I get the feeling I love to read way more than he does. Sadly, I haven’t been able to get any of the latest books that we share a common like for… and I get the feeling I won’t for a few years.

Then there was some discussion about baby names, which apparently seems to strike a cord with my husband. I guess my desire for a name that does not fall in the top 100 names of the past two decades is odd. Maybe it is the fact that I survived my name, and feel all the stronger for it (without, perhaps, the plethora of Facts of Life jokes I got). However, it seems like I may not have to borrow my friends German baby names book, as my Mother in Law is sending one. Now, having said that… I will probably pick the more unusual ones anyway. I thought that would be obvious, but maybe people (my family) hope that I will chose something "normal".

Today, as a special treat, my mom took me to get a pedicure. What an incredible indulgence that was… especially since I can barely touch my toes now. I also can’t believe how ticklish my feet were, but, they now feel so good. It was especially nice considering that an unpleasant side effect of pregnancy that I am struck with is a complete inability to sleep very well. Last night, I [musings removed at a loved ones request] moved to my second “bed”… the evil couch. I had to since the only thing that I seem to be able to do is read to get myself back to sleep.

However, I had followed a link on THE Blog that inspired this blog earlier in the day and spent some time mulling over epistemology and how it is so affected by who, what, when, where and the why of culture coupled with origins and absolutes. Great bedtime thoughts huh? Well, I did not sleep very well last night.

On another topic related to my pregnancy... I love my stomach. I know it upsets my brother, since I tend to manifest my abdominal love by keeping my shirt lifted up and exposing by belly button to the world (n.b. the world happens to be the walls of her home to a woman on bed rest BTW), though I am not sure why. I guess I might not want to stare at a pregnant belly either. Actually, since I know how it feels, I am sure I would be more accepting. I was reading through a parenting magazine today and was amazed at how much people don’t like some parts of being pregnant… those included:
1) having the belly touched
2) offering of unsolicited advice

There were two others along that line, which I can’t remember right now, but I remember thinking that the poll was probably answered by women who had “public” pregnancies. What I wouldn’t give for any pregnancy related interaction, including the above.

Anyway, I think I will plan a cookie decorating party so that I can have people at my house. Sounds like fun. I was also thinking about donating some to an old folk’s home… maybe the one that Mr. Francis lived in. Mr. Francis was a gentleman that we visited when I was younger. He was a very handsome black man with the most beautiful hands I had (have) ever seen. He had come to Arizona in the thirties to see if we could build an underground rail system (Mr. Francis said "No, Phoenix is built on crumbly granite which would not have lent to a secure underground rail system"). He was so interesting and was such a gracious and gentle man.

I just saw a fireworks show that came from the downtown area. It was pretty magnificent and my view was pretty good. I think it might have been for the Candyland show that was downtown today at Heritage Square.

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