Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Animal Behavior Lock Out

OK... so my insane, not quite normal, yogurt eating house cat Boadicea (she is more wild cat) started urinating in the bathroom since about the time I got pregnant. My cats have always always always gone outside. I suspect that she knew I was pregnant before I did, and is jealous.

So, since I have hopes that she will stop this weird behavior, I managed to talk my husband into letting her stay part indoor and not sentence her to be a purely outdoor cat. AS LONG AS I promised to keep the bathroom door shut. I suspect that the copious amounts of ibuprofen I have been taking must have rattled my brain and I forgot to keep it closed this morning. She somehow knew that I had lapsed and in seconds had deposited her lovely "gift" on the bathroom mat.
My husband was the great dicoverer of this lost puddle of gold and yelled at her and slammed the door shut.
And now we are locked out of the bathroom!

I am so glad we have a guest bathroom!

Someone is loaning us a set of lock picks. I am excited to get to try to use them. In my modesty blaise alter ego days I used to have contests with my boyfriend to see who was faster with them. (No I never used them to do wrong). I usually won, though it is entirely possible that he let me win. Anyway, I am so excited about getting some lock picks in my hands again that I think I may get them as a gift from the hubster tomorrow.


Jordana said...

Did I want to know this? :)

I hope you get the lock unpicked soon.

corrin said...

I can unlock doors with a bobby pin within 30 seconds. I'm not sure where I learned the skill, or when it will come in handy, but it's something I like to brag about.