Saturday, December 18, 2004

Day 4 of the hospital

OK... It has been a whirlwind of emotions and such. I figured out how to get a dial up connection (thanks to my dear Schatz).

So... We are waiting until Wednesday to induce, it will be week 35... So now it is 5 weeks early... Which sounds so much better than 6 weeks early when I was at 34 weeks... So if all goes as planned.. We should have saved 2 weeks in NICU.

my first day in labor and delivery, with mom and my nurse Dawn Posted by Hello

It has been very scary, and last night after we all finally decided what our course was... I had too many nightmares. I barely slept at all. I am just trying to be a part of this experience, to make it whole and complete. Fear for dot is a part of that, it is OK to be afraid, but it also requires a certain amountof strength... my hat goes off to all mommies everywhere... I had no idea about what a journey I began 34 weeks and 3/7 days ago... Wow. It is pretty amazing!

One of the more interesting parts is that since there is like one teaspoon on amniotic fluid left that I can feel EVERY move dotcom makes, and there are quite a few of them.

My belly before the water broke. Posted by Hello

My belly after the water broke... I can see my toes!!! Posted by Hello

People, non family, who have come by:

  • Gail - allomother who showed up at 4:00 am after admission to keep us company and just support and for helping out with stuff for when I can take dotcom home.
  • Jennifer with TAPI/Immunizers and bought all the basics I will need to have a bay at home.
  • Lynn and Kelley from the Phoenix Family Museum and the flowers.
  • Jay and Sarah from Schatzy's work who brought a lovely present for dotcom.
  • Kevin, ein gute Freund.
  • Nance with the JLP
  • Mary who did my belly pictures in the hospital
  • Allison, Myra and Ayoko, Malcom's mommy (he is in NICU right now and is quite a precious little boy)

Other thank you's:
Scottsdale AUDI - for their thoughts prayers and kindness in letting Schatz stay with me during this very difficult time.
Lisa for keeping an eye on my four legged babies and house watching
the countless folks in Arizona, the USA, Ireland, Austria, and England who keep me in their thoughts and prayers.
Jordana, for bringing a few more prayers my way
(Updated as my memory improves... ha ha ha )

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