Monday, April 11, 2005

Malcom update

Malcolm's smile
Malcom Update! This was Josef's room mate in NICU for my new readers!
I am so delighted that we have a tentative baby play date set for sometime this summer!

Josef and I will always be grateful to Malcom and his mommy, because they helped NICU not be so scary. They actually made me laugh loud enough to get in trouble with a nurse for hanging out with them! (Yes, I still feel a bit guilty for being too loud) but it was probably the best sound for the babies that were there (it was not a set up where Josef and Malcom shared a room with just each other, but there were tons of babies in there, I think the room held over 30 beds... usually almost full).
But, I knew about Malcom before Josef went in, so they went down that dark scary road alone, but held a light for us... I am grateful, still.
In some ways those were very dark days for me, though I am sure it was in part because I had such a bizarre pregnancy and was getting used to so much. Malcom was a bringer of light to that experience, in part because he was so good and he had been there for a while...
Oh Malcom, I wish you had not had to show the light, that you had not been premature, but I am so grateful that you were there to make the road so much brighter for Josef.
Thank you little one! I love you!

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Nettie said...

Hope Malcom and Josef will be friends for life!