Sunday, May 29, 2005


Well, I think I am over the "sickness" and the creature did help! I think I got sick from a good massage that I did not drink enough water after... bad sentence I know.

I caved in and fed the boy, he has been looking at me eat for a few weeks now, but I was not ready for him to go to solids... but I decided it was time... that and he was crying all day... the food helped the crying and the sore boobs from letting him breastfeed...
The first meal

So, if you notice, I fed him without a bib and with a host of other first time parent mistakes... so he needed a bath... and I loved this picture that the Schatzy took, though the original is in color, I love the black and white.
Bath time


baileysMilk said...

thanks for the picture updates of one of my favourite Little People in this world!! haha.

Blair.. you put him under a tap?! and whats that thing he's lying on? ya.. just curious, cuz obviously i havent been a mum! and might not be one.. :(

Nettie said...

But just think of the wonderful photo opportunities it made!

Anonymous said...

He has grown so much!!!!!. As you know your nephew no.1 also liked to shed some tears. I really believe he did not like being little and if I was tense or really tired he would pick up on that, one of the cons of breatfeeding. Hopefully the solids will help. A clean diaper and a full tummy also seemed to ease the tears.

Blair said...

Baileysmilk: I gave him a bath in the kitchen sink using one of these. I have bathed him in the bathtub, in the tub with me, in a plastic tub (when he was itty bitty) and like this. It is very cool now that he plays with the water.

Nettie: It was a great photo op! I had no idea how cool the pictures would be until I saw them.

Auntie V.: He was shedding quite a few tears today, I would try to fed him but it would help for only a short while. I did this quite a bit, hence the soreness. After the food and the bath, he slept like the proverbial baby... I miss nephew #1!!!!

Catherine said...

I LOVE the black and white picture!