Saturday, July 23, 2005

Leave it to me to do things the weird way

So, the current owner of the house we are purchasing and moving into is letting us move our stuff over before we close.

We have filled one HUGE moving van with half of my junk and the Schatz and a friend are over there unloading as I write.

I packed my china cabinet and am thrilled that I actually got going and packing, however...

The Schatz in a fit of organizational moving energy, has decided that he wants to move everything except for the bed, TV, couch and computer tonight!

I think I am actually getting the vapours now and do not need to feign them.

ON a side note, the Squink is handling it all pretty well. He is sneezing a lot because I am the worst duster in the world and there is a lot of it now....
that and he hates the sound of me unrolling the packing tape... Makes him cry every time. I have to let him play with it to get him over the tears... I have pictures of him playing with the tape to prove it

I think he is getting the vapours too, that or he hates moving as much as I do.

So, Who knows when I may get back on... It seems like I have a house to pack.

Mom, will you please stop this stuff from making that noise?

You sure mom?


Nettie said...

What does unrolling the tape sound like, that he's afraid of it?

Blair said...

It is that cellophane tape that is clear... it makes a tearing ripping noise but is somewhat loud and startles him. He is also tired which I am sure is not helping him any.