Monday, July 25, 2005


All we have left to move in the next 3 weeks are the following:
  • Kitchen (well, half of it anyway, we moved a big part of it!)
  • Master bedroom
  • Office
  • the few paintings and such that I did not want to send via moving truck
  • and the stuff in the shed


Anonymous said...

hi uncle christoph, hi aunt blair-
I have just noticed that you are moving into a new home.. congrats - that sounds exciting to me!!
I am in copenhagen at the moment on a study program for some time. and guess what, I am also attending danish classes.. "jeg kan også tale lidt dansk, fordi jeg læser det i københavn".. it's not easy, but fun to try so ;)

please say hi to my cousin!!

good luck with moving.
your nephew bernhard

Nettie said...

That's so cool that your nephew stopped by, hope the moving's still going well!