Sunday, November 06, 2005


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Often as I drive I find these little descansos (a resting place, usually at the site where someone has died). I am always struck by them. They are rather common where I grew up. I was struck by this one, and made my mother go back so I could take a closer look. There were stuffed animals and seating areas. It seems a place where several eople could go and remember the person that paswsed away. It was amazingly elaborate. I was touched, and I don't even know who it was made for.


baileysMilk said...

hey, thats interesting!! are they common? anywhere around the road?

Singapore doesnt have this! In fact, we're pretty superstitious and stay away from such things.. Death is pretty taboo here..

Blair said...

The Navajo have a death taboo too. They even used ot leave their homes if someone died in it.
I see them everywhere now, I was thinking about starting to take pictures of all of them, but there are just so many.they are not in the middle of teh road, but on the corner or the side. Some are even more ornate, they have little altars set up with pictures and icons. I find the idea fascinating.

baileysMilk said...

ooh, do take a few pictures of them, if you dont mind. I'm really curious.

though personally, I wouldnt dare.. its superstition, but I wont want to offend the dead. :)

but I think its a good way of remembering the dead for the family members!

so everybody can just sit and rest? or is it supposedly limited to the family members?