Thursday, December 15, 2005

Oh my I just realized

One year ago today my water broke, I was in heavy denial btw...
I had no idea I would spend a week in the hospital laying in wait for a "blessed event"... I think I bonded more with a pre-born Squink at that time than before.
I remember being terrified and scared and excited.
I still will never forget how awful it was when the nurse in the OB triage said..."well it looks like you are going to have a baby tonight"... I think that is as close as I have ever come to being histerical... I started crying and said no, it will be premature. I think that freaked her out too.
Goodness, no wonder I am so behind... I have been out of practice for a couple of years.

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Jules said...

Blair I didn't realize that your water broke a week before you delivered. That must have been scary!