Saturday, January 14, 2006


My dear mother in law just reminded me that I completely forgot to put in one ofmy favorite things... probably becasue I haven't had it in a while (Papa wo bist du?
so in the name of haste I am changing favorite foods to now read.
Four Favorite Foods:

1. Papa's Kartoffel- und Gurkensalat (which is my way of trying to impress everyone into thinking it is some awesome exotic dish or that I actually speak German (ha), but if you read German you would know it is just plain old potato salad and cucumber salad... however, I promise that there is nothing plain about papas' cooking. They will be here very soon, so I will have to put a weapon to papas head and make him cook the papa papa salad* for me)
2. Tortilla de patata
3. Weinerschnitzel
4. Medium rare steak
5. llapingachos or Fritada or just about any of these
(all links removed cause I am just to lazy this mornign to do it)

* papa papa salad is papa for father as in my father in law, papa for potato in Spanish... and salad is for salad..

Oh, mama danke for the reminder!



Patricia Tryon said...

Hmmm. I want recipes. Especially for that first one :-)

Anonymous said...

Hey you have another job you forgot to mention! I believe it is the second most important one...

Blair said...


Anonymous said...

Oh, I forgot that is your 3rd most important could I have forgotten...