Sunday, January 08, 2006


So, Christmas eve came and went, Christmas day came and went, New years eve, New years day, Three kings day... all gone.


We were sorta busy...

Squink had a horrible ear infection and we have to see an ENT now. He even had to get Rocephin shots on Christmas eve. I never noticed a thing. No guilt, just amazed he could spend that much time in pain and not tell me anything.

We worked a bit on the house and have an idea for the windows that would not involve our selling the house in order to accomplish that... reminds me of that story about the hair and the watch...what was it?


I am here, alive, ready to get back to work tomorrow after a long break during which I slept a ton. I learned that if I lay quietly when Squink wakes up that he just fusses for a few minutes and goes right back to sleep until 9 AM or so... Love that boy.

Only thing is that I swear that the day after he turned one, he became a real baby. I mean he fussed and screamed and such. I was horrified, but apparently this is normal. What a shocker though. No more taking him to restaurants where fellow patrons look at us and sigh in content because he isn't "one of those screaming kids".

Bless him.

I have pictures, will try to upload some soon. I enjoyed my break and can't wait to get back to my blogs.

Happy new year fellow bloggers! I missed you all!


baileysMilk said...

Has Squink learnt to talk?? and you dont really call him Squink, do you? haha

I hope he enjoyed his Xmas & New Year despite the ear infections!

Patricia Tryon said...

O. Henry. Gift of the Magi, I think.

Poor Squink's ears. I hope he'll feel better soon.

Catherine said...

I hate ear infections, Erin was the queen bee of ear infections until we put the tubes in. If they want to talk about tubes send me an email and we can chat!

Nettie said...

Oh, the poor dear Squinkle. Hope the new year brings new ears!

Jordana said...

Poor thing. I've always feared my kids would have an ear infection and I wouldn't know. And maybe they have had -- The Baby got the first one I've ever heard of between Christmas and New Year's. They can really sneak up on you though -- a friend of mine didn't know her daughter's ears were infected until the ear drums burst. :(

I hope you are all doing better now.

And welcome to the world of toddlerdom!