Saturday, April 08, 2006

Favorite what?

The other day I cancelled my attendance at a meeting... which is not so strange... my reason though has set me to ponder.

I have a background in science, and science that is not so much the strictly mathematically based kind (physics for example) but biology mixed in a wonderful bag with culture and nature...

So, as I was driving to work I heard that the grandpapa of the scientific theoretical framework to which I have subscribed... well, he is coming to speak at a local institution of higher learning. So my reason for saying I would not attend a meeting was because "my favorite scientist is coming to lecture".

I thought nothing of it at the time, but now, upon more reflection, it is a little different. I have never ever heard anyone say that they have a favorite scientist.

So, I ask you in a meme-ish way, do you have a favorite scientist?

Just so you know, mine is Edward O. Wilson

Yes, he is rather controversial, but one of the things I think is so cool about him is that he has behaved rather admirably in the face of adversity. Honor, it speaks volumes to me. That and some other things...



Nettie said...

Rosalind Franklin

Veronica Mitchell said...

I tried and failed to hear an Oliver Sachs lecture once. I was sad for days.

And even though he's not a scientist, but a science writer, I read anything David Quammen writes.