Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Squink on TTOAST

I received this email from the Schatz today...

Hello B,

I just wanted to tell you on how proud of Josef I am. When I dropped him off I stayed a little bit and was watching him through the glass door. He could not see me because I did not want him to realize that I had left.

While I was watching him, a little girl about the same age as Josef started to cry. Josef immediately crawled up to her and touched her. The little girl did not stop to cry so Josef put his head on her shoulder trying to comfort her. This was so cool to watch.
I am so happy to see what good character our boy shows at his early age and thought that I need to share this with you.

Love you,



Patricia Tryon said...

Wow. That is so cool. Thanks.

baileysMilk said...

awwww, that was sooo sweet of him!! i'm proud of him too!

Patricia Tryon said...

The line "children learn what they live" seems on point here.

Jordana said...

I know he's a sweetie! That's a story to read again and again to make you smile.