Saturday, January 27, 2007

Breakfast in bed

sort of...

As a treat my mother-in-law offered to get up when Squink does and watch him so that I could sleep in... what an amazing luxury so I took her up on it... at least as much as Squink would let me.

So I managed to get up with him and gave him a little breakfast, then I turned on his cho-cho game (it was on sale for $5 when I bought, I would never pay that much for something like this) and turned things over to Oma and went right back to bed and slept rather soundly... for the most part.
I was briefly semi awoken by Squink putting his sippy cup (most awesome water bottle for small kids BTW) in my mouth. So I must say I was not too surprised to find half an English muffin and a slice of cheese in bed with me when I finally managed to wake up.

MY first breakfast in bed served up lovingly by my Squink.


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baileysMilk said...

thats very sweet of him!!!!