Sunday, November 25, 2007

Wonder-twin powers, activate!

Recently, I was asked which of the following superpowers would I choose (assuming I could have only one) and why?

The ability to fly or
The ability to be invisible.

Before I answer, what would your answer be and why?

I will tell you that I was an odd one out in the group we had this discussion, though I think my reasoning was no less valid than the others I was with.

Edited, because it did not come out right when I wrote it down. I am all too often like a p&s camera when it comes to this blog, I type and post.



Anonymous said...

I'd want to be invisible, there are just too many useful things you could do with invisibility!

Ari (Baking and Books)

Agnes said...

ability to fly.. though i think flying to faraway countries would be tiring! haha.

would want to be invisible to see and hear what others are doing, but i figure if you're not meant to know, then you shouldnt!

Anonymous said...

p&s like t&p? Very funny :)

I'd go for invisibility. A person could do a lot of good with that.

Catherine said...

The power to be invisible. Then I could really know what everyone is talking about. LOL :)