Saturday, December 22, 2007


I typically do not remember my dreams, perhaps some snippets, but never the whole thing. And rarely do I wake up with a profound feeling after having had one.
I have been remembering more of my dreams lately. Like one of past co-workers showing up at work this week.

But my dream last night was rather profound, at least to me. The dream was about things that are absent of the presence of God, but in the sense of what would be subject to or capable of having a higher power within. In it a Christian friend said "I just can't read the bible without having my Physics 1.2.6 textbook with me". Not sure why that was there other than because I often marvel at how I see science as a profound way to understand the non denominational concept of God. In my dream, there was a general thought about what, on our planet, is subject to the oversight and/or management of God; 1) humans: most definitely, 2) animals: some assent, 3) plants: perhaps, 4) rocks: probably not (though I think I was trying to understand this most in the dream as it seemed to drag on as a discussion, and 5) lava; probably not.
It seemed interesting that there was not a complete consensus about what was subject to God.

Now, it perhaps should be said that it was not a discussion about what God owns or manages, but of what is subject to God, with a smidgen of what is held accountable and therefore might have soul or a conscience... does that make sense?

I think this dream was because I was reading about Moral Relativism in contrast to Moral Objectivism before falling asleep. So, I was plagued with thoughts on what, as I think I believe, would be a moral absolute and feel asleep thinking back on that which I could remember as common principles in the Bible's Ten Commandments, the Islamic Sharia, the Five Precepts of Buddha, and the Talmud's Mosaic code (these last three I have only a passing knowledge of so I may be completely erroneous in them and their ideas).

While intriguing, I woke up feeling profoundly grateful that modern medicine helped bring my child into the world three years ago today, which has nothing to do with my dream but I wanted to work it in somewhere and I am not sure where other than to declare the Squink is growing up too fast!


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