Tuesday, January 01, 2008

a self imposed tag

via Jodi

* Your last meal: black eyed peas, corned beef and cabbage
* Something on your desk/work area: junk
* Your New Year’s Eve plans: who knows it is a year away
* The smallest gift you received this year: a cool Word Rally cube thing that will entertain me mindlessly for hours
* The largest gift you received this year: iMac
* Something you wish you hadn’t eaten so much of during the holidays: chocolate
* On your feet: socks
* Your hair: brown, my real color
* How many other countries you’ve traveled to: 16 I think
* One country you dream of visiting: Singapore
* A hobby you’d like to take up/revisit this year: sewing
* A hobby of yours that died (aww, buh-bye) this past year: baking
* A publication you subscribe to (print): no paid subscriptions, but I did get a free one to the Smithsonian
* The most embarrassing subscription in your feed reader (if you have one): people.com
* One of your favorite stores to window shop dreamily in: William Sonoma
* One of your favorite online stores to window shop dreamily on: amazon.com
* A color you love to wear: mauve
* Your bed pillow: body
* The color of your kitchen counter: fake wood grain
* What you plan to do when you get up from the computer: eat

1 comment:

Agnes said...

visit Singapore????!!! :D

i wonder how long the flight will take though...

then we can meet up!! *yay!*