Monday, March 03, 2008

FFOF # 20

FFOF #20

#1. What type of m&m is your favorite?

almond m&m's are my favorite

#2. Peanut butter. Smooth, chunky, creamy. How do you like it?

for a PB&J sandwich, smooth!

#3. Do you usually drink out of glass, acrylic, Tupperware type or paper cups?

What ever is clean, though I usually use glass or plastic.

#4. Share a chicken recipe.

Easy Chicken Mole

I am waiting for a secret ingredient that will not be secret once I try it in my fancy schmancy not so easy method. Let's just say I grind my own achiote for some reason. The thing is... it isn't a tough recipe, just a bit more time consuming than I usually like...there are just a lot of spices that *I* think are more flavorful when done correctly.
It is the best mole ever though! Who can go wrong with chocolate savory dishes!


Karen said...

I am miffed that I forgot about almond m&m's. I neeeeed some!

corrin said...

ohhh...i didn't know they made almond m&ms!

Sarafina said...

I've never made chicken mole...that sounds quite yummy!

Lynne said...

Now I'm curious, I want to know more about this mysterious mole recipe of yours! What's in that box containing the secret ingredient? Inquiring minds must know! :-D

Charla said...

I've never made Chicken Mole either. Sounds interesting with the peanut butter, salsa, cocoa powder and everything mixed together. I would like to try it. I imagine our son-in-law would really like it.