Thursday, March 27, 2008

Four Foods on Friday #22

I am starting to really enjoy doing these a lot more than I thought I would! And, I think that this is number 6 for me!!!! If you participated, you would know that I have graduated from FFOF-n00ben3$$.

#1. What’s your favorite form of potatoes?

I have to pick one? I love everything potatoes and everything sorta considered potatoes... but here is a favorite recipe of mine (actually my grandmothers or as she would want me to say a friend of my grandmothers... but I associate it with my grandmother) for spicy mashed potatoes.

#2. Pie crust. Premade or from scratch?

Depends on the pie, usually frozen.

#3. Vegetables. Fresh, frozen or canned?

I like frozen, though fresh is a treat when you live in a desert like I do. Canned... I like canned tomatoes, potatoes, and then there is hominy (that's a vegetable right?).

#4. What one dish do you wish you could prepare better?

I have no fear in the kitchen, everything is usually palatable... I think though, if you asked my husband it would be the ability to follow a recipe... I can't, I never have, and when I try, my heads spins around really fast and smoke comes out my ears.


Karen said...

LOL I suppose you are one of those bakers who never measures. LOL

valmg said...

Thanks for playing Four Foods on Friday!

corrin said...

my boss is a chef, and she says that you should always personalize a recipe!

Ami-chan said...

Recipes are a bit of a bane of mine in that respect too.

Blair said...

I rarely measure... I am more inclined to measure when baking... but not completely.

chili queen said...

Spicy mashed potatoes? Now I'm drooling.

skeet said...

I'll have to try those Spicy Mashed Potatoes. Sounds yummy!

Charla said...

What's frustrating to me is when I make up my own recipe, I don't measure anything, it turns out really good, and then I can't recreate it because I have no recipe or measurements. LOL :)