Thursday, May 08, 2008

Austria - Day 1

We scheduled our trip so that we would arrive at around 3 pm, this would give us time to drive to the town where Oma und Opa live and eat dinner and get to bed at a time that would not be too early, nor too late... all in a vain hope to ease the time difference I may add.
So, as we forced ourselves to stay up...we decided to go on a family walk. These pictures are of that walk. This first shot was taken just down the street a ways. Schatz does not like it for the very reason I like it... that itty bitty rainbow!

So, they live in the country, and we walked through some fields (Schatz said the farmers would not mind too much). Schatz calls this one "Field of Dreams"

This one is for Agnes, Squink's blogger auntie. I am not sure why seeing this in Austria surprised me. I suppose it is because I had it in my mind that it was a Latin American catholic thing. Now, for all the similarities in the "descansos" they do have some interesting differences. The one below was about a man who died in a motorcycle accident in 1973. This one looked brand new, it had a picture of the man who died, and it was not sun bleached. It looked as if it had been put up yesterday...

Schatz had an aversion to taking pictures of living people with the descanso so Squink and I sat on the bench beside it and I taught him how dandelions can turn your skin yellow (when you rub it on your hand). He seemed rightly impressed.

In a fit of fatigue I commandeered the camera because I wanted more pictures of people and less of the vistas, below are some pictures from the part of the walk where we headed back home.



This is where I deviate from my mission and take pictures of a bumble bee because it was HUGE, like the size of my thumb huge... and furry, and in the middle of the road and not able to fly so I could get close with the freaky lens.
Did you see its fuzzy butt, it is so cute! Is it cute overload material? Bee tocks?

After this we went home. and fell asleep at about 10 PM, though I woke up at 2 am... which would be a hideous foreshadowing of my sleep habits for the rest of the trip.

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