Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Day 6/7 - Vienna (my memories from other peoples photos)

So this is what the downtown area of Vienna looks like... This is near where we met "TG-TE" for coffee. Frankly, it all sorta looks alike in a way, so I have no idea how far or how close this is from where we met "TG-TE".

Shopping in Vienna, originally uploaded by Kliefi (on vacation).

Somewhere nearby is this plague memorial: (one of three I was to see on this trip)

plague column - Vienna, originally uploaded by Thomas Reichart.

Another view here.

The plague columns are fascinating in that they were placed as an object of art of thanksgiving for the end of the plague (though there were many others placed without reason of the pestilence). AS a form of what would now be coined "public art" it is fascinating and brings to mind these thoughts I have had lately of how, until very recently, science and religion were linked together... but that may be a can of worms I don't care to open.

Since I can't remember the order we saw things... I am presenting a randomized view of things Viennese...

Isn't this beautiful? I would love to say I lived in a house that was decorated this way.

I have always been a fan of Art Nouveau and this is an incredible example of it incorporated into architecture. This photo does not do this building justice:

Vienna Secession Building, originally uploaded by kimbar.

Here is the medallion building, it too is lovely and what a hoot to have an "award" on your home at all times!

Medallion House, Vienna, originally uploaded by Senex Prime.

This here is the Viennese state park, long and lovely with all sorts of things in them. I can say that it was crowded with folks and had loads of benches... "TG-TE" said that it is often filled to capacity... what a nice concept a park full of people.

I loved the market street, it is a place I want to go back to and spend hours at...

wien:naschmarkt, originally uploaded by dolcedo.

Aside from the lovely produce, where I could find all sorts of fruits that one can't find in AZ farmers markets, there were teas and spices and goods from around the world, and restaurants and cafe's that looked lovely and like I could spend hours at pretending to write my young adult novel... really, have this is a must return to for the next visit.

fresh & clean, originally uploaded by reenoreluv.

We also went by the Judenplatz Holocaust Memorial, This was a somber place: books facing out which is a metaphor that speaks volumes.

The father of one of my mothers good friends in South America escaped, with his brother's, in the hull of a boat and landed on the Galapagos Islands... the rest of the family was lost, I never heard if any news of what happened to them was found, the family was Jehovah's Witness.

[a moment of silent contemplation]

One of my favorite things to do in a new place is to ride the public transport. It was not running the last time I was in Vienna so aside from being able to rest my wickedly painful feet, I did realize a long time wish.... was able to ride in this:

Vienna, originally uploaded by Roberat.

The best place to sit was in the front, it is more responsive part of the tram (akin to the back of the school buses like when we were in grade school).

I am a big fan of public art, in that often they are nice things to look at, but it also reveals a lot about the people in what gets chosen to be displayed. Needless to say (perhaps), there was a lot of statuary around. This was one of my favorites, but similar ones were everywhere

Vienna VI, originally uploaded by vortex_kl.

Remember how I said my feet hurt, I really wanted to take one of these. They used to be free, until they noticed that they were all gone and had somehow reappeared in other countries... imagine that! Now, a credit card is required.

Vienna City Bikes, originally uploaded by Bachspics.

Apparently when this building was built it upset pissed Franz Josef off (who did not like "modern architecture"), but its impertinence is more in its location to where Franz Josef lived (across the street) than in what it looks like:

Adolf Loos House in Vienna, originally uploaded by Istvan.

One of my most fond recalled events is when "TG-TE" took us by this water feature with a Henry Moore statue, you see we have a Henry Moore in AZ too. Of course, when "TG-TE" stopped there he said he asks people what they see, I think I may be one of the few that sees the same thing he does...

Henry Moore Sculpture, originally uploaded by Miss Kim.

Another view here. And another, perhaps the more interesting view here.

So, I was always a fan of those Jesuits... and went by here.

No, I did not see this... but I would like to see it next time:

Vienna - Hundertwasser Haus, originally uploaded by MiaRossy.

And while I do order a coffee roast based on this restaurant, we did not go there.

We did not go here either, though it is on my to do list since I would like to check out the zoo and attend the famous apfelstrudel lesson.

We did not go here either, though I have promised to try a "fresh" Sacher torte... but apparently you have to be Austrian to get one, maybe IFF I am with an Austrian I can get one.

Vienna - Sacher Torte, originally uploaded by tg81.

The name of this place compels me to go there too

Gasometer, Vienna, originally uploaded by ec1jack.

And Nettie, as I was searching for places in Vienna with merely the search word "Vienna" I came across this: We did not see this place though (NSFW - maybe?).

Up next: Day 8/9/10 - Hungary like the wolf or why my heart belongs to Budapest.