Saturday, November 29, 2008

One - Tcho - Three

I have always thought that I was among a small cohort of folks that loved dark chocolate. I knew my paternal grandmother liked it... but that was about all I knew in terms of folks that like this manna of the gods. It turns out a friend of mine from high school also enjoys this treat.

Two months ago (I started this post on 9/27/08), I invited the only other person (besides my grandmother) that I knew liked dark chocolate and we did a taste test. I pulled some tasting charts off the web and we sat down and tasted.

This was two months ago, the tasting notes are so well placed for safekeeping that I am unable to find them and have to resort to the notes he wrote when he posted the photos of our dark chocolate event!

This one was our favorite; though I will sadly have to find a way let TCHO know not to send chocolate to AZ in the summer.

TCHO - Fruity, Peru, originally uploaded by iaincaradoc.

This one arrived as the weather was getting cooler and the delivery person handed it to a real person rather than leave it on the porch. This one was a close second and showed the potential palate pleasure if the first one had not bloomed. Tcho makes some awesome chocolate.

TCHO - Nutty, Peru, originally uploaded by iaincaradoc.

Plus their packaging rocks.

TCHO!, originally uploaded by iaincaradoc.

TCHO!, originally uploaded by iaincaradoc.

This one had bloomed as well and while third in terms of which we liked, it was still a close call. All these chocolates are excellent!

TCHO!, originally uploaded by iaincaradoc.

This chocolate, was not chocolate in my opinion - bleeeeah.

Green and Black's Dark, originally uploaded by iaincaradoc.

and the same goes for this...

Green and Black's "Milk", originally uploaded by iaincaradoc.

We did not even open these, but I know they are a great dark chocolate bar (especially for the price).

Trader Joe's, originally uploaded by iaincaradoc.

Chocolate truffles, from Hershey, that did not suck!

Truffles, originally uploaded by iaincaradoc.

Now, maybe my friend will load up the pictures he took of the "youbars" samples we tested so I can write that review as well!


Anonymous said...

mmmmmm chocolate. The darker the better.


polihymnia at hotmail dot com


Jordana said...

I wish I could have been there to try some with you. Have you had Scharfenberger? It's one of my favorites.