Thursday, February 05, 2009

A visit to the Queen Creek Olive Mill for Blake Makes Food Chain

So, here it is, my final version of my trip to the olive mill.

I sent an email asking if I could go there and do a film when I first heard I would be getting a camera and I did not hear back... I figured that they either did not get my email (think spam folder) or they were just to busy to reply. But I figured that this is some publicity and no one would ever say no to something like this... even in home video format!
I have been to this place once before and was so impressed by the facility... it has a great place for kids to run and play, it is outdoors, it has a restaurant and a store... it is my favorite kind of place to visit.

That and I love olive oil, a lot!

To say that I was not nervous would be an out and out lie... but I have made a promise to myself that these are the kind of challenges I would totally take on! After all, I don't want to be an old lady and end up saying "why didn't I do that video for olive oil"? If that happened, well, that would make me sad...

So, when Blake of BlakeMakes issued his invite to join the FoodChain... I had to say yes! I have loved his amazing ideas, he makes the most awesome dulce de leche (though I have been tempted to send him some of mine). He loves food, and has incredible and enviable marketing skills... I am a fan!

So, the camera arrived and I had to go out the next day and film as it would have been my only opportunity to do so for over a week.

Lesson learned though; do NOT drink a whole carafe of coffee (even if you are nervous) before going out to film with a hand held camera. Not to forget to mention that you should not drink that much coffee the first time you are using said camera! (that is a warning that I am a bit shaky in my filming).

In the end though, I had fun and have become addicted to the thought of doing this! What a marvelous thing technology is.. and for those considering buying the iFlip all I can say is GO FOR IT! it is an awesome and easy videoing machine!

So, from my Arizona home to yours, wherever it may be, I present my shaky, slightly informative and interesting tour of the Queen Creek Olive Mill!

A visit to the Queen Creek Olive Mill for Blake Makes Food Chain from Blair Necessities on Vimeo.


Anonymous said...

This is so cool! One time on the spur of the moment I asked DC to drive from Portland to California's olive growing area -- but there was nothing like this. Is this place open year round, or just for a festival?

myrtle beach condos said...

sounds awesome