Monday, March 24, 2014

My Boys - 24

My best friends, when I was 17, were a group of boys.

I called them "My Boys".

We would go to parties and they'd tell everyone I was their step mother. 
No one ever asked how come I had six very different looking step sons or wondered about my fake British accent. I became known as the cool step mom, the extremely young wife who had step sons only a few years younger.

Each one granted me wishes I didn't know I had. 
They were all Boy Scouts, and for one glorious day they made me one too... Then stole my bra while I was strapped down and impersonating a scout and put it up the flagpole the next morning.

One taught me how to dance.

Two taught me how to charm a man.

Three taught me how to rappel a wall.

Four taught me brutal honesty.

Five taught me how to make chain-mail, throw knives, fight with two swords, and how to pick locks.

All of them protect me fiercely and loyally, but in their very own way. I am a very lucky girl.

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African Kelli said...

I bet there are some great stories behind these!