Tuesday, April 08, 2014

A notebook full of pasta - 38/40

deep breath

I am starting to think of the main writing project I have going as a spaghetti western with a female protagonist.

I spent today talking to people who like magic realisim asking for ideas on how to make a death scene less intense.

One discussion was a fascinating exploration of Han. Lots of interesting ideas there, but how to bring in a Korean concept into a Latin American tale...

I have pushed myself more in terms of writing this 40 days of writing session than I did on the previous.

But I am beat. 

The good
I have started putting down the story I have been wanting to tell, in the way I think that I want it told.

The bad
I have been consumed with self doubt on the worth of even trying to tell the story.

The ugly
The story is rough, and I keep letting the things others have said to me destroy my faith in it.

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Anonymous said...

The river with the dead guy looks like Pacific Creek, behind the Rubber Snake Ranch.