Thursday, December 09, 2004

15 weeks of bed rest

Fifteen weeks ago today I was told I had to go on bed rest... even though the doctor intimated that it very well could be very temporary and I had no idea what was in store...

So, what does this "15 weeks" mean...

Well, loosely this means that I have been laying down or reclining (with very few exceptions) for:

3.75 months or
106 days or
2,544 hours or
152,640 minutes

Oh my!

My back hurts, the baby is moving and stretching and I am still just looking out my window and living virtually through what my laptop manages to bring to my life.

Chris and I are living off a lot of fast food these days, which is tough because I think we are getting lazy about ever cooking again. Which is unfortunate because Chris is such a great cook and I am a great kitchen scientist... ask me about my two ingredient fudge!

I miss people so much and am just dying to have people over for any reason at all what so ever.

I hate shopping on line, though I am looking forward to something I bought myself and that I have a matching outfit for dotcom! It might make a cute picture.


I am so grateful for my cats, they really have managed to always have at least one of them with me at all times during this whole experience... It is like they organized themselves to make sure mommy had some company at all times... and they take it very seriously. I noticed that if one shows up too early for their "shift" the cat on "duty" takes it very personally and hisses.

I am also grateful for my crows.. the ones that show up in my front yard almost every day.

I am glad I could keep working, it made me keep to some sort of schedule so that I could not spend to much time dwelling on myself.

I am so glad my family has been understanding and supportive, even when I get all stubborn and insist on doing something stupid (like my shopping trip that caused my excessive amount of contractions)... and then they work hard to make sure that I do not repeat the same mistakes.

I am grateful for the friends that have managed to send me an e-card almost every week... what a blessing to know I am in someone else's thoughts, thoughts other than my own that is.

I am so grateful that people seem to genuinely care what is going on with me, that people will go shopping for weird items for me so that I can "do things" with my hands other than type.

I am grateful my husband loves my belly almost as much as I do, even if he won't let me post the funny picture of my belly from when I fell asleep on the phone long enough to have a pretty imprint (I wonder who dotcom was trying to call?).

I am glad that I have other blogs I can look at that have similar though different stories about being pregnant with complications.

I am glad that I find life so interesting and humans so fascinating.

I am glad that I have a few folks that send me emails of funny, interesting or goofy things so that I can maintain my quirky sense of humor and incredible intellect (big smirk on that last one).

I am glad that Scotland is home to the elephant polo champions of the world.

I am glad I like technology.

I am happy that overall I am happy!

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