Sunday, December 12, 2004

Cookies, cookies, cookies, cookies and even more cookies....

OK, so we have lots of cookies... I can't even begin to believe how many cookies have been decorated in my house this weekend. We are still decorating cookies, I have frosting everywhere... even on walls.

First of all, I think my mamacita gets tons of credit for all of this, and for giving in to my neurosis of not having enough. She made hundreds of cookies, made 25 batches of frosting, and helped my bed rest ridden psyche all in one fell swoop. There really is not much I can do to show just how appreciative I am of her for going through this humongous effort so that I had something to look forward to, so that I had people around me... She even made me a special pregnant cookie family... And my auntie for coming two days in a row to come decorate. And my sister in-law for bringing my nephews, one of which went into a sugar high that was pretty interesting... we even caught him eating decorative sprinkles straight with a spoon. He is still under the effects today. But, aren't we all?

For next year... we need a stocking cookie cutter, maybe a candle one too. We also need purple, black and brown frosting colors

One thing I learned is that there is a lot of value to the RSVP. I can't believe people don't really understand that a ton of preparation and expense goes in to making an "event happen"... I had four people (for a total of 8 people potentially coming) give me maybe's... one showed up, but said that she wrote maybe only because she would be really late so that is ok, one called and told me she could not... well, we made cookies for every one of them for the just in case... but... I think they were trying to be nice, but in a way it was hard, as we had to prepare for them. I am not angry or upset, but, to paraphrase a famous movie line "As God is my witness, I will never forget to RSVP again (both as a yes and as a no)."

I didn't even have any contractions last night... though I did have two this morning... only 8 more days of monitoring left... yikes!!

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Nettie said...

Yay cookies! (and supportive families).