Monday, December 13, 2004

Oh my goodness, we are so lucky...

So, in my email today I get this fetal development chart... and I look to see about how big dotcom is now and then take a glance over to see how much dotcom weighed when this whole bed rest thing went down... Dotcom has gained two whole kilos or about 4 pounds in these last 15 plus weeks of our life.

18 weeks
length crown to rump - 5.59 inches and weight - 6.70 ounces
(For my metric using friends that would be 14.2 cm and 190 grams respectively)

34 weeks
Length head to toe - 17.72 inches and weight 4.73 pounds
(metric - 45 cm and 2146 grams respectively)

The good news is - no contractions either last night or this morning... My last monitoring session will be next Monday morning. I am going to miss my nurse so much. Really, I think that having someone ask about me everyday was the best thing for my psyche. I have been so lucky in having great nurses throughout this experience. I am just hoping that the nurse I had when I had my surgery will still be at the hospital when I deliver.

Word of the Day for Monday December 13, 2004

aborning \uh-BOR-ning\, adverb:
While being produced or born.

Being produced or born.

Early Morning Buddhist Inspiration from big happy buddha
December 13, 2004

When we feel the tentative passing of our days, life becomes all the more precious: the luminous gold of a sunset, the maple tree in autumn, the gaze of our beloved.
What you think upon [dotcom] grows...

Emails I received this morning, they just seemed fitting.

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