Saturday, December 25, 2004

Christmas update

Well, it was a very eventful day, in many ways...

When Chris and I got to the Hospital this morning, we saw the neonatologist that was with him his first 12 hours or so... Dr. G! And he told us that Josef was off of the CPAP!!! And seemed to be doing very well on his own and that it was possible they would take him off his antibiotic this evening (forgot to ask when we went back).

Someone who has proved very loyal to Josef and in helping get some prayer's and positive thoughts, Nance, came to visit him... On Christmas day!! I am still just stunned by such a warm show of support... What a special gift to me to know that other people are concerned, though I am not sure why, maybe it is that this isn't just something that my family is sick about. She brought him a cute little bear toy that says a bedtime prayer.

The best part of the morning... I got to try to breast feed my little boy! It somewhat worked, but what a pleasure just to hold him against my chest and fell his skin pressed to mine for thirty minutes. I was in Heaven the whole time.

We left him and met family for Christmas dinner, which was as it can be in my family, interesting. The interesting thing was that I had engorged breasts and was in pain, even with a breast pump. The milk sure if flowing as compared to the first few times on the first day when I had about 3cc's of fluid, I can almost fill the 60 cc bottle now, and I have been doing this for about 48 hours.

My mother Chris and I went to the hospital in the evening and I got to hold him again, though he seems to hate the taste of the Lansinoh I use to protect my nipples... Guess I won't be using as much of that for a while, so he didn't semi nurse, but I got to hold him for 20 minutes of so. They are still concerned about his jaundice and as soon as I can I will be posting his "Glow Worm" picture, which is pretty endearing in a NICU baby sort of way. He has gained weight though! He was weighed and came in at 5 pounds 16 ounces (or 2.65 Kg.).

Only bad thing... Yesterday I had checked with the OB triage door at Good Samaritan Hospital, to see if I could enter there at night since walking is still a phenomena to me... I was told to just say I had a baby in NICU and that it would not be a problem... Well tonight the triage nurses were incredibly rude... And I mean INCREDIBLY RUDE! I can understand that they want to protect people from RSV, but they should also be cognizant of other needs... So, I had to go to the first floor and walk all the way around and then walk to pretty much where I started... But after having been told that "No, you can't enter here, go to the first floor" when I explained what I had been told, I was again told, "I said NO. Ma'm, you have to go to the first floor". I will write a letter and make a phone call. But I just wanted it known that the OB triage nurses at Good Samaritan Hospital can be EXTREMELY RUDE! I will write more about this when I am not so mad about it, just so you can judge for yourself!

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Anonymous said...

having driven and parked on the 3rd floor on several occasions over the past couple of months I have also been told to go the the 1st floor. As a mother of two, nursing and with limited time I am also infuriated with the response at the door and would be histerical if my child was in there and they would not let me in. I will sign the letter with you!!!!!!