Sunday, December 26, 2004

Boxing Day Update

This morning when we went to the NICU we were pleased to learn that Josef is now getting my milk. Granted, it is through a tube that goes through his mouth and into his tummy, but it is the milk from my body... There is just something so important about that. He gets about 6cc's every three hours. We even got to hold the syringe to feed him. Plus I also got to let him try to latch on, which is probably the most reassuring feeling too.

Then I came home and pumped, then Chris, my mother and I picked up my nephew Sammie and went to Saba's to buy Sammie some "cowboy dud's". He looks very sharp in them and as soon as I can I will get a picture of him wearing them! He got a shirt with fringe, a belt, boots, a bandana and a hobby horse! He is one cute cowboy!!!

So We then got some other things and he came to spend the night with us. My mom is staying too so she could watch him while Chris and I went to visit Josef. I pumped while I was there and got about 90cc's from each breast... I was pretty shocked to see that I can make that much milk. But, that is four bottles he has there now. I was able to let him breast feed and it was a tremendous success, even after the pumping! He latched on well and it felt like we were able to do this for an hour! Then I changed him and we got to feed him and then, he pulled his feeding tube out! So we stayed to watch it go back in and waited until he stabilized.

I am getting ready to write my letter and I pretty much wrote what happened in as straight forward a manner I could. To the commenter, I would love to have another name on the letter, it seems like you may know you I am, so please contact me since about all I can tell about you is that you have been to Good Samaritan Hospital and experienced the rude nurses in OB Triage at Good Samaritan Hospital! I should also add that they were horrible and insensitive when I went in when my water broke!

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