Monday, December 20, 2004

Day 5 in the antepartum unit

I am getting induced on Wednesday, though we have no idea when. It seems that you have to get in line... Interesting really, since I have not managed to go into labor on my own (a good thing in that it helped dotcom get a little stronger, especially the immature lungs). But they will put some prostaglandin in me and wait for 12 hours for me to efface, then I get pitocin via IV along with more antibiotics. I have opted for the epidural, I have heard that labor can be very painful when on pitocin, and after all the bed rest, I am not sure just how much I can manage as I am sure that my body is not as strong as it would have been if I hadn't had this pregnancy journey.

It also seems that induced labor tend to be a very long process, and I may have a Christmas eve baby, though that is not likely (or my wishful thinking). If all goes well, I get to go home on Christmas eve or perhaps on Christmas day... I do hope that I can take dotcom home with me, but that is also something that we can't know until it happens. There is another baby here, Malcom, that is in NICU... Due about the same time dot was... But came at 24 weeks... Not bad for a first roommate if dot has to stay.

On the good side of news from life in the antepartum unit at the Hospital... Dotcom keeps moving and has had a great heartbeat on the monitor. I am still leaking which is un-nerving, but apparently normal in my case, and thankfully showing no sign of infection.

Well, My Schatz is here and I am getting ready for a monitoring session, so I will post tomorrow with any more news or profound thoughts (hah, not that likely).

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