Tuesday, December 21, 2004

On the sixth day of my stay in the antepartum unit my true love brought to me...

36 years ago my grandfather brought me a crib that he had made for me (I say brought because he had to bring it to South America where I was born though he made it here in AZ). Over all the years and through several continents it has broken some of the spindles, so I arranged to get it repaired for the probable use by Dotcom. Chris picked up the crib yesterday, I am so exited to know it will be available… it is very special in that my grandfather (whom I called Grandpa Honey) made it, and my Grandmother and aunt did some silver work on it too.

Chris also returned the home monitor yesterday, which made me sad, since I loved my nurse, and it just seemed like a break in that relationship. Though not really, she tracked me down in the hospital when I was admitted and asked for a picture after the baby comes. You know, I have been really lucky

This morning I was told that I had an 11 am appointment with Labor & Delivery for my induction tomorrow… Which was not the best news since induced labor with cervidil (sp?) followed by pitocin can last for a very looooooooooooong time…

The other cool thing today was that my nurse is a nurse practitioner, and actually had one degree of separation since she knows Gail and did a rotation through Breaking the Cycle, which is the clinic I used to work at when I was in college. So, I felt safe during her shift.

Anyway, about 3:30 pm, I had to go to the bathroom… now let me preface this by saying that for the past six days I have had to answer the following question: “You haven’t had and leaking?” which, DUH! I have had, my water broke after all… now this question is always followed with: “OK, No leakage with blood, odor, or accompanied by fever and or chills?”… OK, so I go to the bathroom and there is all this blood… Based on the question I had been asked at least twice a day every day, I had to assume that this was a bad thing… I pulled the call nurse cord and just broke into tears… I can just imagine the nurse, not the one I knew since she was at lunch, walking in to see me on the toilet in tears… I must have made a rather pathetic picture.

So, after I managed to calm down, I realized this was all completely normal. Good news even, as it means I may actually deliver tomorrow and it helped bump me up to a midnight transfer to Labor & Delivery… and means I may already be dilating, though we won’t know how much until I get down there for a “visual” exam since we want to make every effort not to introduce any potential infection.

So, this has been rather graphic, I can’t apologize, this is about the journey Dotcom and I (and Chris) have had. Full of tears, joy, worry, happiness, and a plethora of other emotions, and this has not come to an end, this is just beginning.

Tomorrow I will most likely have a preemie, I can only hope for the best and be prepared for the worst. I can’t even begin to imagine some of the possibilities, I spent last night looking at outcomes and got a little scared, even though I am in the best possible place…

I suppose I may have to change the description of my blog to “the story of my pregnancy on bed rest and beyond…”

Anyway, I also wanted to add that I only have a dial up connection from the hospital (which is not that fun when one is used to broadband)… so forgive me for not answering emails since I hate to keep my line blocked as I am sure I have missed a few of calls.

Happy birthday Zun

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